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Found 7 results

  1. “We would like to welcome our new Sponsor Tt eSPORTS. Tt eSPORTS will begin supporting our North American Division with the teams that play Counter-Strike:GO and league of legends . We are very proud to have them sponsoring myRevenge and we are looking forward to representing them. With this new sponsor, myRevenge takes a step forward in the competitive scene and another step to becoming one of the best E-sports organizations in the world. Tt eSPORTS is the best when it comes to gaming peripherals designed and engineered for True Gamers.†By Team Manager & Captain, David Medina.
  2. 『We at ALG are very pleased to announce the beginning of a spectacular alliance with the best in the gaming business, Tt eSPORTS. As Proud members of the Tt Esports family, Armor Legion Gaming will strive to live up to the respectable standards that Tt eSPORTS have established and bring further glory to the Tt eSPORTS trophy case. We look forward to a long and successful partnership, bringing the best there is in gaming tech to the forefront of gaming, both local and international. Using the latest in gaming technology, the Tt eSPORTS Plus+ we will know just how many enemies we have laid to rest, how many clicks took us to victory and give us the edge we needed to overcome our obstacles. To victory with Tt eSPORTS is now our calling, and we will answer. 〠By Armor Legion Gaming CEO and Owner ALG | WCvanO Wimpie Van Onselen
  3. 〠Today we live a great day with the arrival of Tt eSPORTS within our association. This is a moment that we know this great brand and we wanted to work with and it's done today. You will now be equipped with superb and innovative device. This sponsorship will allow us to spend pleasant times in front of our PC thanks to the performance of the devices and their style.】 By team manager Romain Destenay
  4. “ Today, TEAM4NOT Management is proud to announce our new partnership with Tt eSPORTS! Many of you know about of the beautiful and powerful range of keyboards, mice and gaming accessories that they offer. Tt eSPORTS products provides a sharper competitive edge, cutting through challenges and achieving ambitions with ease! We are very excited to see the rest of 2015 with our partnership with Tt eSPORTS, we will be reviewing some of their quality products, so keep an eye out for them.†By TEAM4NOT Manger, Caleb ' Pulseey ' Scott
  5. “ Hello, I'm Beckii from Team3V and in name of my team I thank Tt eSPORTS for giving us this amazing opportunity to represent this excellent gaming gear brand, while getting better at what we love to do. We embrace this partnership with strong objectives, both national and international, aiming as high as we can because the sky is the limit. Being sponsored by this well known and great company, our players are motivated to work so they can make their dreams come true with the help of Tt eSPORTS. We thank everyone that helped us get this sponsorship opportunity, and we are thankful for the help that will come from them, because will last for a long time. †By Veni Vidi Vici Organization (Team3V) Manager, Joana "Becky" Costa Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Website:
  6. ZONE Welcomes Tt eSPORTS ! 『 We'd like to welcome our new sponsor one of the leading gaming equipment company Tt eSPORTS. We are glad to represent them in Turkish esports scene and love to have change working with them to improve their brand presence with our ZONE eSports League of Legends, Counter Strike GO and HearthStone teams.〠By Founder and Managing Director, Zafer Yılmaz. For more team infromation, please visit below links: ZONE eSports : Team Achievements Facebook: Twitter: Youtube : Twitch:
  7. “ We at VENKO Gaming are very happy that Tt eSPORTS one of the best gaming gear suppliers is backing us up with the best gaming gear. We are looking forward to our collaboration, giving and thriving to the best. With the Tt eSPORTS PLUS+ we have every statistic we need to adjust and know about our game. Tt eSPORTS will give us that extra edge over our opponents! You can see us in action at, see you there! †by Team VENKO Gaming Manager & Captain, Niels van Arendonk