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Found 4 results

  1. As a big fan and user of the original Theron mouse, I recently decided to purchase the more updated edition, the Theron Plus. On my previous model I had the macro button on the right hand side of the mouse bound to the key-press of the Scroll Lock button. The idea being that pressing the macro would key-down on scroll lock and releasing would key-up on scroll lock. The macro worked perfectly on the old setup and I was looking forward to using the newer model in exactly the same way, but unfortunately there seems to be some subtle differences in the way the macro works. Here's my setup for my original Theron mouse. This acts exactly how I want, pressing the macro button on the mouse directly corresponds to the key-up and key-down events of scroll-lock This is the setup for the new Theron Plus mouse. As you can tell, it's setup identically, but yet the function is different. Instead of the macro directly corresponding to scroll lock's key-up and key-down, the macro in the Plus version key-up and key-downs many times within me pressing the macro button. It acts much like as if it were setup like this: I appreciate the fact the software changes to be more intuitive, but through trial-and-error I've found no discernible solution to my problem. I would like to reach out to the community and the Tt eSPORTS support team for help regarding the issue. If you feel that my post doesn't communicate the issue and leaves you confused, or need further information, feel free to post below and I'll be more than happy to provide the information to get this issue sorted out. Thanks.
  2. Hello, i'm trying to open the Tt eSports Theron plus pc software, when i try to open it this message appears: Of course, the mouse is connected, the software updated and everything looks fine. when i saw this message i tried, restart computer, unplug/plug the mouse several times at different ports, reinstall the drivers, restart the mouse pressing the 2 down buttons and nothing happend, still showing the same error and i don't know why this happend suddenly with no sense. Thanks for help, have nice day. P.S.: I just saw Windows 8.1 says my mouse is a keyboard on devices with the name "ARM Cortex-M0 Gaming Mouse". When i left click and press properties on the "keyboard icon" (actually is the mouse), at general description says: "Category: Keyboard; Mouse". No idea what is happening here suddenly.
  3. WEEK 3 is here! Congratulations again to our WEEK 2 lucky ones! So, Below is what you need to do to be eligible for the giveaway! FOUR LUCKY ONES will be picked...RANDOMLY! Also, lucky ones will be contacted via Private Message! NOTE: Lucky ones need to reply my Private Message in 3 days! or else we will pick another lucky one! ................................................................................................................................ WHAT YOU NEED TO DO 1) Become a member for our Tt eSPORTS PLUS+ Community & Data Management Platform (required) (You will need to upload a photo...any photo of yours or avatar...we suggest you to upload your photo, so I know how you look like! hahaha) 2) Register our Tt FORUM! as you need to be a member in order for you to comment! 3) Leave a Comment (look at the example below for what to comment) EXAMPLE: "I'VE REGISTERED! PICK ME! by TtJOSH" "TtJOSH" is my username for Tt eSPORTS PLUS Community & Data Management Platform! So you will need to USE YOUR OWN USERNAME for Tt eSPORTS PLUS Community & Data Management Platform!
  4. Let's Proceed to our WEEK 2 of our THERON PLUS+ WEEKLY GIVEAWAY! To those who did not win for the 1st Week! Do Not Give Up! You still have the chance! For those winners from WEEK 1, thanks for joining and we'll contact you for the shipping information! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what are you waiting for? Register yourself on our Tt eSPORTS PLUS Community & Data Management Platform! and LEAVE A COMMENT! We'll pick 4 lucky ones RANDOMLY! MAKE SURE YOU REGISTERED our Tt eSPORTS PLUS Community & Data Management Platform! and UPLOAD YOUR PROFILE PHOTO on both FORUM & PLATFORM!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's the EXAMPLE for the comment, and "TtJOSH" is my username for Tt eSPORTS PLUS Community & Data Management Platform!: "I'VE REGISTERED! PICK ME! by TtJOSH"