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Turn off backlight by default in Poseidon Z?

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I purchased a Poseidon Z today to replace my faulty Filco keyboard. So far I'm liking the feel of the Kailh keys and hope I don't get plagued by the chattering keys problem as many people have reported...


However, I have one bugbear and it's that the backlight is way too bright even on the dimmest setting. I bought this keyboard because it was cheap, and I don't really care about the backlight. However, the fact that I cannot turn it off by default (it always comes back on after a reboot) annoys me to no end.


Is there any firmware hack that I can use to reprogram the keyboard so that the backlight never stays on? Or is there any circuitry I can mess with to disconnect the lights for good?


Thank you!

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Guest Tt Josh

Hi Unfortunately, the only way for you to turn off the backlight is to adjust the brightness to the lowest by pressing Fn+F11.

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