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New BlackX 5G USB3.0 - copy files from my Lenovo W540 Laptop SSD fails as USB drive goes READ ONLY

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I have a Lenovo W540 i7 laptop, 32GB ram and Samsung EVO 500GB SSD.


Running Ubuntu 16.04.


Plug in 2 1/2 inch HGST 500GB HD into the Thremaltake & it mounts fine.


Copying my Home directory to the Thermaltake BlackX 5G USB drive fails before finish because the Drive goes READ ONLY.


I've replicated this several times now.

I take the very same HGST 500GB HD and plug it into an older Thermaltake eSATA dock
Use the exact same command to copy from the SSD to the HGST drive and it succeeds.
I've replicated that also several times now.
I think there must be a bug in the controller firmware for this BlacX Duet 5G ...?

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