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Challenger Prime software 3.0 not working

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I was able to get the software 3.0 to work but it stops working after I restart my computer.


how I got it to work


1) Unplugging the keyboard

2) Uninstalled the software 

3) Restart computer

3) Install software 

4) Plug keyboard in 


After I restart my computer the software freezes up.I cant set macros or change LED colors,It gets stuck on please wait...


I'm also having the exact same problem with my ROCCAT Tyon mouse software.Every other software works fine though,only these 2.I noticed in my device manager under keyboard and mouse it keeps duplicating.there are 3-4 HID Keyboard Device and HID-compliant mouse every time I do a fresh install.


Using win10 64x



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Yes the hot keys work but like a said its the software that's not responding.I'm thinking it has to be a windows issue that's causing this after I restart my computer, but I'm not finding anyone else that has this problem or way to fix it.I did contact support and waiting for a reply. 

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