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Please do an Update Version of Azurures Mini

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Long time customer of Ttesports peripherals. First mouse i bought was the Saphira mouse back in 2012. Love the mouse just not so much the build quality(mainly the rubber on the mouse eroded and rubber sides that peeled off). I recently came back buying the venturs x  and ventus r when they came out(which i will go into detail). I also just purchased the azurues mini which i just fell in love with because of the shape,weight and aesthetics. Which brings me here today, seeing if there is any way you guys would be willing to update the internals and add a few things to the mouse to re-hash it.


I love the build quality of the ventus x and shape of the mouse. My only issue at the time was that it was a laser mouse ( which i see you have just dropped a revamped version with the 3360). I then started to notice that i felt more comfortable with small ambidextrous mice. All those dell mice at work just felt right. So i got the ventus r when it dropped. I love the mouse. It has amazing crisp buttons, low weight, great size and decent shape. Only issues i had were i wish it had rubber grips like the ventus x and was a bit higher in the front.


Back in 2012 i was struggling between the saphira and the azurues mini, with the saphira wining because of the side buttons and size. Now that i prefer smaller mice, i bit the bullet and bought the azurues mini and just love it. The shape, height and wait are perfect. I feel like this mouse deserves a revamp and believe that it would be a winner in this new market that are looking for smaller mice , like the Logitech g pro, g303, mionix caster,  and zowie fk,. I feel like the shape the azurues mini are better than the listed mice.


A perfect revamp would be keep the same size, aesthetics and shape. Add side buttons, change the sensor to a 3360, change the scroll wheel to the ventus r, up the build quality similar to the ventus x, keep the shape and position of the side grips but update them to the same rubber as the one on the ventus x and add the 16.8 rgb lighting. I feel like gamers, mice critics and enthusiast would love this mouse.


I don't have mush expectation of you guys doing this, but i just had to ask.



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