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Thermaltake Fans wont save settings!

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This is my first post here because i really need some help from you guys since i couldn't find any solutions to my problem on the internet (sadly).

It's either i find a solution, or i get a refund and buy fans from another brand.

I'd like to stick out with the Thermaltake fans because they're actually really good.


My problem is that the fans aren't saving the colors i want to save.

Here are some informations that may help you:

  • These are the non-premium fans of Thermaltake
  • I have 10 fans : 7x120mm and 3x140mm
  • 1x120mm fan on 1 controller, 3x120mm fans on 1 controller, another 3x120mm fans on 1 controller and finally 3x140mm on a last controller (that makes 4 controllers connected to my motherboard)
  • The RGB mode of the fans work
  • When i put it red(the color i want on all my fans) and i restart my computer it doesn't save. If i press Play/Pause on red and i restart, the fans led wont light up.
  • I couldn't find any software for the non-premium fans, i tried to install the software for the premium version of the fans but it doesn't work.

I will add more informations about it later, but i need some help. I had these fans for 3 months and i thought that by waiting maybe an update or a software or a windows reinstall would do something but it didn't.


I hope you can help me.


Best regards, Ben.

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