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Motherboard E-ATX on core P5?

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Hello, i Will buy the New Amd Threadripper and i like The X399 Zenith Extreme Asus 

This motherboard is E-ATX and my case Core p5 say "Support Only ATX". But Online i have seen Many Pc with Zenith Extreme on Core p5. It means that the Thermaltake Core p5 Support E-ATX too?

Thanks, Simone 

P.s Sorry for my English, i'm italian

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I am building a Zenith Extreme on a P5.  The E-ATX completely covers the main wire pass through ports. What I did is get some very tall standoffs.  Of course this means you must use the vertical riser setup for the GPU.  Also, I am just finding out that the IO shield interferes with the tempered glass mounting block.  I am thinking about machining the corner of the block to make clearance.  If you are just using the front panel, or the plexi kit that only has the front, shouldn't be a problem.  Building this system has taken many hours already!  I still have time since my waterblock is still on backorder.




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