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Looking for a CLAW GRIP mouse...

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Hi, i have a long time without buying a new mouse, i currently have the TT Esports Black Element Gaming.


I have it since some years now (all still working fine but the feets are almost totally wasted), this could be the best mouse i had, suit perfectly with my CLAW grip and when i had a problem of the "DOUBLE CLICK" (when you do 1 click), the Devs. released a FIX that FIXED it, that was a really amazing, i always tough that when a mouse start doing that, it's a  "physical " problem and i never imagine that could be fixed via software.

For all this i want to keep chosing a Therlmaltake Mouse, but in my Country (Argentina), i can't find this mouse anymore.

What i i'm looking is a mouse with a similar shape as te BLACK ELEMENT, the back part of the mouse should become small so it will not hit my low palm side and not too wide and the Sensor must be Laser type.


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