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TT PCIe riser cable bend tolerance

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Hey all.

I'm trying to plan out a 4U GPU render node build. I have everything all set, BUT how to route the TT PCIe riser cables I'll be using. One question I need to figure out is what is the bend tolerance to these? I'm not looking to kink anything, but loop a gradual 90 degree bend in the cable.

Would I be able to pull off the below routing plan with the TT PCIe riser cable? The bend looks dramatic, but I am planning to give it more curve room so it's not a kink,but a bend if that makes sense. Another thing to consider is that I'll be stacking 5 of these cables on top of each other. Anyways, let me know if there is a shot in #### of something like this working. Thanks for any input. Planning to use 90 degree elbow on the cards PCIe output. Might flip the cards around so the PCIe is on the bottom, but still am going to have to pull off a 90 at some point.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.








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