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My mistake?

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So I just started my first liquid cooled PC. 

Tower 900.

TT 560 aluminum rads 

TT Pumps

EK nickel blocks, fittings and plumbing


Gigabyte aorus z370 gaming 7 mobo

Then I ordered the gigabyte aorus 1080ti WB extreme edition.


I didn't really look into the card, I just saw it had a prebuilt wb on it and I loved the look.  


But it has copper in the wb. 

I really don't think it will work with the TT Aluminum rads even though they are zinc coated.


And after looking into coolant... So many coolants have disclaimers saying they are not compatible with TT Aluminum rads either. 


Should I just go with different rads and return my unopened TT Aluminum 560s? Or buy a different block and replace the current one on the 1080ti?


Thanks for any input on this. I have little experience when it comes to liquid cooling a pc. I just know how galvanized aluminum is at work and how bad it is with copper. 

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