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Theron Mouse purchase - No CD included

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Hi there,

Just bought the Theron gaming mouse.  There was no CD included for the software rendering the mouse as useful as a $5 mouse.  Your downloads on the site appear outdated.  Please advise of a remedy or I will need to return it to the vendor.

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Well, after no reply by you and wasting enough of my time on your product, I have returned your product to the small retailer that I purchased it from (Best Buy) and provided them with insight on your lack of responsiveness and quality control.  We opened another package while I was there and ....surprise... no CD in that box either.  I let them know that your shady links on your site do not work and ensured I provided on-line feedback.  They representative sent a note to head office as well.

Suffice to say, I did buy a replacement mouse....a RAZER.  I am so glad I did as the Razer mouse was built by gamers for gamers.  What a quality piece of equipment.  For gamers out there that have not tried a Razer mouse, you need to try one.  It would put this Theron mouse to shame.  

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