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[FIX] How to Fix Red Arrows on SAPHIRA Mouse

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There have been several threads on this forum about people who had questions about removing the big red "Forward" and "Backward" arrows that appear on screen.

I'm talking about these:



On other TT eSports mice you can just right mouse click the tray icon and turn off the OSD.
But when you try to do that to the SAPHIRA software, it just opens. (At least on mine, Windows 10)


Here's what I did to fix it:


1. Find your mouse software directory, usually

C:\Program Files (x86)\Thermaltake Ttesports Saphira Gaming


2. Find the file called "tTOSD201101.exe" and rename it so that the program can't find it anymore.
For instance, you can call it "DISABLED_tTOSD201101.exe"





Done! No more annoying red arrows!

I wanted to make this thread because I couldn't find the solution online.


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Guest Tt Josh

As some of the older version mouse do not have the Disable OSD feature, therefore, it cannot be turned off.


But for your mouse, you should be able to turn that off by right-clicking the ttesports logo on the bottom right (windows taskbar), there will be a "Disable OSD" feature. :)

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