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instructions for frio silent 12 (Intel)

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I have a question with regard to installation of the Frio Silent 12 (on an LGA1151/Skylake).

The instructions say in step 3 to attach screws "F" to nuts "E" on the front side of the motherboard. Then in step 4, it indicates to use the "short screws" "H" for the same purpose.  As there are only 4 "E" nuts (and 4 of each type of screw), this is in conflict. Further the "H" screws are longer than any other supplied screws (as indicated in the parts list), so I don't see how "short screws" applies to H.  I also I assume that the "E" nuts have no preferred up vs. down orientation.

I ask this all because when everything is mounted and screwed tight (with screw F) with the bracket mounted on the front of the "A" part of the bracket, the cooler will still rotate 5-10 degrees with some pressure applied, rather than remaining fixed in place. But I don't see how using a different screw would functionally make any difference here.

I am using an MSI Krait Gaming Z170A motherboard with a i7-6700T chip.


Should I re-mount, or is the rotation normal?

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Dear Sir,

Thanks for your information.

Could you please help to take pictures of your installation ?

It would be better if you can take the pictures each side of motherboard.

Thank you

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