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    Ali Abbas
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    Go FTW Jesse Palacio

    Jesse Palacio!!!!!! Savage win!!!!!!!
  6. Who do you vote for in MFC 2?

    @rogx99, the CEO of One Stop Electronics, it's very simple. if you don't know JPModified, then you know nothering.
  7. [Philippines] Jesse Palacio

    JP for the win!!!

    JP Modified, Jesse Palacio, no questions asked!
  9. Who do you vote for in MFC 2?

    20,216 followers on facebook, almost 88k youtube subscriptions, 4800 instagram followers(which is a new addition for him) I wouldnt even call that number of votes a drop in the hat. Youre an absolute joke bud. I bet I could have more people vote for me to win and im not even a contestant. CEO TPBMODS COO Tt Competition Salt Mines.
  10. Riing Plus 6 fans setup

    I too am having the same issue. I have followed the steps you have suggested and even swapped the Y cable connector linking the two controllers. I have 9 riing plus 12 fans, the the floe aio all connected to 2 controllers (5 on each). and I can only get one controller to be recognized at a time, either 1 or 2 depending which is connected to a certain end of the Y cable. see on either cord I use, only one end will register being connected to a controller. this is frustrating in itself. I have a ryzen system ryzen 7 1700x asus rog crosshair vi extreme. I'm a huge fan of these fans and thermaltake in general, but these fans are driving me nuts lately trying to get them all synchronized.
  11. MFC 2 VOTING

    JP Palacio!!!
  12. Who do you vote for in MFC 2?

    506? he has 20,214 people on his Facebook page. Roughly 2.5% of his Facebook page. Now, as such a successful CEO, I am sure if you made a post on your facebook showing off your company, at least 2.5% of people would react to it? I know what you mean about the "great lengths" you had to take to register though. It took me almost 40 seconds to create this account. I mean, in that time, you could have attempted to satisfy your lover. Twice. Then had a cigarette afterwards. I know most of the contestants and have met 6 of them personally and I don't think ANY of them would try and cheat the votes. Also, knowing JP, I don't think he would try and hack it... He probably knows "nothering" about it. Regards, davido... urm I mean Rogex99issalty CEO Tt Competition Salt Mines.
  13. Pacific PR22-D5

    What tools do I need to loosen the cap or res?
  14. MFC 2 VOTING

  15. MFC 2 VOTING

    Loved them all. But Peter Brands build was the one I want in my man cave the most.
  16. MFC 2 VOTING

    for Jesse Palacio!
  17. PR22 D5 pump not working

    The whole pump was replaced. I will contact support again. Thanks for your help.
  18. MFC 2 VOTING

    Huehuheuhue Jesse Palacio
  19. MFC 2 VOTING

    Voted for [Germany] Ali Abbas. Go! Go! Go!
  20. MFC 2 VOTING

    +1 for Von
  21. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    I dont use it but im also curious how does it work If someone knows give us a hint!
  22. MFC 2 VOTING

    Pinoy pride of course!
  23. MFC 2 VOTING

    I vote for the second place , jesse clearly nailed it ! love the purity of Mathieu heredia !
  24. MFC 2 VOTING

    Von Carlo! laban!
  25. [France] Mathieu Heredia

    totally love it ! minimalism at his peak !
  26. MFC 2 VOTING

    Von Carlo Rasonabe!
  27. MFC 2 VOTING

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