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  2. Gigabytes RGB Fusion and Riing Plus Fans?

    I have a set of the very same fans and a gigabyte X299 gaming 7 and I can confirm that it doesn’t work or not yet anyway. when you open fusion you can’t access anything to do with the Riing fans (its greyed out). I’ve just come on here searching to see if there’s anybody that’s got it working but can’t find a shred of evidence to support it. Maybe there’s a update from Thermaltake or Gigabyte on its way soon that will make it all kick in but as for now it’s a thumbs down.
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  4. So i'm still on my quest of finding a way to sync every possible RGB LED in my case (ASUS GPU, RGB Fittings, reservoir lights, Riing fans) with one software (i know, rather impossible quest because apparently proprietary control is the "best" thing there is...) I considered trying Asus Aura, but it only works with simple RGB headers on thier own hardware. When i kept looking, i stumbled upon Gigabytes RGB Fusion which lists the new Thermaltake Riing plus premium fans as compatible? https://www.gigabyte.com/mb/rgb/ready Other than that i can't find any proof of this working... Has anyone ever tried that? I don't own Riing Plus Premium fans right now so i can't test it, but can anyone else confirm if this is working?
  5. Help!!!

    Hey everyone, I am new to the pc ecosystem and unfortunately I need help. Specs: Intel core i7 7700k, Asus ROG Maximus Ix Formula, EGVA 1080 ti FTW3, corsair vengeance LPX 3000, Thermaltake Floe Riing 360 TT Premium, and Silverstone Technology PM01W-RGB chassis. My issue is, I can not get the RGB to work on the AIO cooler, I have everything plugged in, all drivers installed, yet nothing. Please help!!
  6. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    Hi Guys I got my Battle Dragon backpack and its awesome! Very comfortable and so Nice! thank you TTE❤️
  7. PL1 2800mAh Leather Power Bank

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  8. Commander Multi Light Mouse issues

    Same problem here. The mouse stay in pourple no matter i do...
  9. Tt esports Commander Multi Light Combo: Mouse problem

    Hello! i have same problem, i use (max dps possible ) and the light stay on pourple.
  10. Tt RL240 Water Cooling System

    Ok solved ... ^^ The Pump was on Stage 6 ^^
  11. H5-Note Car Mount Holder

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  12. PL1 2800mAh Leather Power Bank

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  13. Fellas, I'm trying to get into water loops and looking at the current options in the market I feel like tower 900 and core x9 are the best current choices for water loops (SPACIOUS AF) I would really prefer tower 900, the problem is that I have AIO coolers as well, and I'd like my case to be more versatile towards water loops AND AIO. tower 900 isnt really suited for AIOs.. But nevertheless, how's the cable management on core x9, and how easy it is to hide cables/navigate around the case with hardware/water loops? can anybody post pics please? I really need help choosing a "design" for tubes as I have no idea how I want it to look like.. Hardware im gonna cool: i7-4790k r9 295x2 (it has its own amazing AIO so im not gonna put it in the loop, but at the same time I want my waterloop to be future proof) 2 sticks of ram z97-gaming 3 msi Help me out fellow gamers
  14. PL3 10,400mAh Leather Power Bank

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  15. PL1 2800mAh Leather Power Bank

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  16. Yeah unfortunately, i just looks like theres just 1 Thermaltake Mod or whatever active on the forum and i probably have to wait weeks, pretty terrible.
  17. i don't know because i haven't got 2 controllers so you would have to ask to an expert.
  18. PL1 2800mAh Leather Power Bank

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  19. It did start as i had both controller set to number 1 tho, so why is that different now?
  20. Yes it does if you press the software to open and unplug the usb from the controller that wil show up, otherwise if you dont unplug the controller it keeps searching the controller, because the controller has no time-out (i gues) the window wil not open.
  21. Riing Plus Software doesn't start

    Hi, I just bought a set of 3 Riing Plus 14 TT Premium fans with controller, and installed everything. All fans light up in changing colors, all but one fans start rotating (different issue). I then installed the software (first the wrong Riing RGB software (which couldn't find the controller), then the correct software). However, the Riing Plus software doesn't start. Or, to be precise: After starting the software, the Task Manager shows that "TT Riing Plus RGB (32bit)" is running. But nothing happens. No windows pops up, I cannot see/click/configure anything. The software uses 23 MB of RAM, and that's it. Any hint on what I could do in order to get the software working would be highly appreciated! Thanks.
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  23. That shouldnt change that it isnt even starting at all. It should start and show no connection to controller, not not open at all.
  24. Because Ryzen and the controller are not compatible the software can't properly communicate with the controller.
  25. PL3 10,400mAh Leather Power Bank

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  27. But what has that to do with my controllers? they work, they show up, my fans spin, they light, just the programm right now isnt doing ####
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