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  4. Versa h25 front panel

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  5. can you stack two core x31?

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  6. thermaltake urban s31 info?

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  7. Cables in Versa H15

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  8. Supressor F31 HDD Cage

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  9. Pacific W1 Waterblock

    Hi guys! Where should I have in and out on this waterblock??? It's the Tower 900 case. Nikoline
  10. Project Thunder by FlowMods

    The progress looks good, can't wait to see the finish product.
  11. Pre Event Predictions 11/15 ~ 12/15/2017

    Jesse Palacio a.k.a JP Modified
  12. Pre Event Predictions 11/15 ~ 12/15/2017

    Jesse Palacio a.k.a JP Modified
  13. Remap RGB Dial to Volume Control? (TT eSports Challenger Keyboard)

    Oh well it looks like this keyboard's going in the bin because I can't get around that issue. Shame.
  14. RGB Fan and 560 Radiator

    If you can help me to help that person as well. Can you send me a link to where you saw that comment? I tried looking for it, but could not find it :/
  15. RGB Fan and 560 Radiator

    Thank you...the comment was hard to believe. Nuke
  16. Yesterday
  17. I see you are in the USA, please contact us today if you need any further assistance. https://thermaltakeusa.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  18. That is the controller for the Floe AIO only. You will only get that one with the Floe AIO. You have 2 connections off the header, when you use another controller for the Riing Plus fans, it is there If all your controller are bad, what is your system spec? Maybe compatibility issue? The Flow AIO controller is compatible with everything, Intel/AMD that I know of.
  19. Why are all the new controllers that I got not have the link cable port? There's a black sticker on the link-port on these fan controllers and when you peel the black sticker off, it's empty.. physically removed the port.. How does Thermaltake expect people to link these controller boxes together!?!?
  20. Riing TT Premium Edition RGB LED Fans - How to Videos

    Hi, I can understand that, it is a challenge for us as well. If we put like a picture of the connectors on the box, it would likely still happen. Open to any ideas on how to make this easier, especially when dealing with both retail and etail type businesses. Anytime we change something this can happen, I do like that we did change the connectors, users will not damage any parts because it just wont fit and you know, everyone reads the documentation Hope you can swap them out with the place of purchase to get them to match. Throw up a picture of that system when you get a chance
  21. Riing Plus fan looks slow

    I am not sure how Taiwan does the warranty process, our HQ is there, so I would just contact them directly to get the fastest help. http://www.thermaltake.com/corporate.aspx?t=4
  22. Hi, So are all controllers bad? do you have any that work? Sounds like you got something else causing the issue. Hope you get the replacement soon and get back up.
  23. RGB Fan and 560 Radiator

    Hi, I have built a few RL560's with Riing Fans, including the Plus. No issues I have seen, here is a video:
  24. Hi, I bought the Black FP mouse . Security Center is no more compatible with Firefox Quantum (v. 57). Do you plan an update for this software ? Regards
  25. Project Thunder by FlowMods

    Hi guys! Big up Finished the midplate and placed it! In my opinion, it looks really cool! What do you think?
  26. MyRevenge e.V. - Europe

    They looks very nice, i think i put it on my christmas wishlist^^
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  28. Mt first build ,double cooler

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