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Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 850W Review@Insidehardware.it

Tt Ariel



October 17, 2014 - by Sergio Martorana


Thermaltake is a Taiwanese company founded in Taipei in January 1999, specializing in the production of products dedicated to the so-called "computer DIY" (do it yourself), with particular attention to gamers, overclockers, and enthusiast. Among them, the fans with some experience and knowledge, know how this brand represents one of the historical realities of the industry, was born in a time when a cabinet or cooler design for their needs, there were significantly fewer brands than to those in business today.


The power supply market is increasingly full of proposals and production companies, but are actually still a few manufacturers today are able to count in its catalog of digital solutions. Thermaltake will be recalled along with Corsair, as the first brand to invest in technology DPS credited by us to be able to bring that breath of important news really able to push many enthusiast users to change their own power supply.


I do not have to wait much longer, but according to what is proposed today by DPS Toughpower 850 Watt G, we can already monitor real-time energy efficiency, output current, input power, the voltages on the three main rails, as well as monitor and manage the rotation speed of the fan and estimate the costs resulting from the consumption of our system. All possibilities rendered extremely simple and functional software from DPS App, not offered by the vast majority of the power supplies of the same category, do not yet have this technology.


However, it is our opinion that the DPS G Toughpower 850 Watt should be chosen not only for the implementation of the DPS system, from the moment Thermaltake has cleverly taken care of all aspects of a level absolutely excellent, crafting one of the best power supplies of the entire category. The design, componenstica implemented, and the invoice of the work, are in fact very good for this price range, supporting the choice of Thermaltake rely on CWT, as done by other leading brands. However, we can make three notes, at least given the caliber of the product: the efficiency levels are very high, though the 80 Plus Gold certification is now present in many lower-end products; some direct competitors are able to operate in semi-fanless, though it should be emphasized how the system of thermo-control implemented in Toughpower DPS G 850 Watts has guaranteed high levels of noise during the loading phase of our test; given the intended use of this product, we would have expected to find a second eps connector for additional power supply of the CPU, the only flaw in an otherwise large and well thought out connectivity on all fronts.

The selling price of this power supply is approximately equal to 185 €, a figure considerably in the absolute sense but to be considered beneficial to a power system equipped with DPS data, whether the construction standards and the care taken in the production of a product guaranteed for seven years , accompanied by a set of absolute level, and in which also the design and the cable managment are at the highest levels.







- Provision of high level

- Design and components important

- System DPS accompanied by excellent App

- Good efficiency - 80 + Gold

- Complete set of protections

- Quiet fan, even at high loads

- Fully modular

- Flat Cables

- Seven-year warranty

- Great outfit

- Original design




- No fanless mode within certain loads

- Only one connector eps


Read more: http://www.insidehardware.it/hardware/alimentatori/4073-thermaltake-toughpower-dps-g-850w-prima-recensione-al-mondo#content


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Insidehardware.it provides a detailed review of the Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 850W power supply, praising its high-level performance, innovative DPS system, and solid design. Despite minor drawbacks like the lack of a fanless mode, it remains a recommended choice for enthusiasts seeking reliable power solutions.
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Thermaltake's Toughpower 850 Watt G offers cutting-edge DPS technology for real-time monitoring, alongside excellent design and components. While slightly pricier at €185, its comprehensive features and seven-year warranty make it a worthwhile investment for enthusiasts seeking top-tier power supplies.
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