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    Hi, We actually tested the update last week, it worked fine. Our software team will contact Razer today see if they change anything after they sent the update to us.
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    I'm also still having this problem, could I message you my info? Last time I communicated with CS about this problem they never got back to me.
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    Hi, I think it's the same issue, please msg me your email and contact info, our customer service will contact you soon for RMA.
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    Hello TT CPM, I am having the exact same issue. It started happening a couple of weeks ago. At first I thought it was a configuration issue but no matter what I tried in the TT RGB Plus application I cant get it to fully light up, it seems like only the bottom right LED is working. The main reason why I preffered this cooler over others was for aesthetic reasons and this totally kills it.
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    Hi, I have the Floe Riing 360 and im having the same issues. Lights have been working fine then the last month or so have stopped and won;t come back on. I have tried using a different port on the connector and nothing. Won't come back on!
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