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    Express car shipping

    I have experience in this field and I can share it with you! I decided to give my girlfriend a car and found a cool BMW in Chicago for only $ 20,000. It is very cheap for such a machine and I decided to buy it. The only problem I had with shipping a BMW to California and I decided to cooperate with SGTAuto Transport. https://www.sgtautotransport.com/services/enclosed-transport They quickly and efficiently do their job and I am grateful for that. In addition, they use modern technology when shipping cars and I'm sure that my car will be intact.
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    I was able to plug tach wire to both MOBO and TT controller. Works as a charm! Spent 6 hours rewiring all my 5 fans. Got rid of one of two controlles by plugging two fans in one socket. When there are two fans, tach from the first goes to MOBO, tach from the second goes to TT controller. When there is one fan (my rear fan), tach goes both to MOBO and TT controller. I made some photos
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    Alternative to TT RGB software

    You can create an issue on github, I'll help you set it up how you want it. I mean, I know it is not the best and it needs some work but I think it should be enough to install and at least test that it detects your controllers. You can always create an issue.
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    Metro Exodus Mod Level 20

    Love this build! Go team Japan!
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    RGB software not saving settings

    Wow this obviously took you a lot of effort and time to write out, and it worked perfectly - everything is great now. Thank you so much for your help with this I'm really grateful.
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