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    Prediction Voting Event (September 20th ~ October 18th) ALL you have to do is vote for your favorite modder on the poll above for your chance to win Level 20 VT chassis or a set of ToughRAM! Level 20 VT TOUGHRAM RGB Memory DDR4 3000MHz 16GB (8GB x 2)
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    [Sri Lanka] Sanjaya Bhanu

    Thanks BMods you have upped your photo game better than me
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    [Italy] Yuri Gabrielli

    Nice work Bró
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    To all participants, I wish you the best of luck!
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    Y.G Casemod

    [Italy] Yuri Gabrielli

    THX Bro. There is still so much to see. Stay tuned.
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    Erik Bmods

    [Italy] Yuri Gabrielli

    Man, this work log makin me feel like Im fallin' behind lol. Great work man! Excited to see the final mod.
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    [Russia] Sergey Mnev !!!
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    Go For SUNNY SUN!
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    chanyut EXPC Th

    [Thailand] Juggapat Thonglue

    Thailand Fight
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    come on! go for SUNNY SUN from China!
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    I support SUNNY SUN to win!
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    Canada, land of the free
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    Sunny Sun,yes!China go!
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    Cant wait to see their custom build
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    Thank you guys for Voting we will release the winners soon! Head over to our new event to increase your chances to win!
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    A lot of good modders so it's a tough choice!
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    BEN...USA USA USA!!!
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