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    Questions about Riing Trio

    Hey Chilliking, Great questions! Let's see if we can help here: 1. The Trios are not compatible with MB Sync out of the box. The Trios come with a 5 port digital controller designed for TT RGB Plus only. If you want to use the Trios with MB Sync, you would need a motherboard with a 5v addressable header and our TT Sync controller. You can find the TT Sync controller here: https://www.thermaltakeusa.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00003143 2. All of our digital controllers come with a "Y" USB Splitter cable, as USB 2.0 allows the use of 2 cables rather than a single cable. The bridging cable will allow direct connection to 2 controllers as needed. Use the single cable if you only have 1 controller, or the bridging cable if you have 2 controllers. 3. Each controller will require power. This is used to power fans, LED strips, and other RGB PLUS devices. The controller will need power, even if you are plugging in one fan or device. And to answer your question on the Maximus Formula XI, each header would support a max of 120 LEDs. This means that for 6 Trio fans, you would need 2 5v headers and 2 TT Sync controllers. We will be testing this in-house for confirmation, allow us a few days to get our test bench set up and have the fans tested. Thanks!
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    Questions about Riing Trio

    1. If you wish to use Asus Aura, you will need to purchase the TT Sync controller, which is a 9 port controller sold separately. This controller plugs in to a 5V addressable RGB header on the motherboard. I know ThermalMike mentioned the limitation of motherboard software with the number of addressable LEDs. I believe it's in the 200s, and if you had 9 Riing Trios hooked up you would be at 270 addressable LEDs. 2. There should not be a difference between using the Y splitter vs. the bridge cable. Both should provide the same functionality. 3. Whether you use the Y splitter or the bridge cable, each controller needs its own molex power.
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    Happy New Year Guys and Girls!

    Happy new year guys Tutuapp
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    Voting Stage Two

    Douglas Alves. Good Luck.
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    For any others who come across this thread, I needed a solution to handle the excessive amount of RGB LED I wanted to incorporate into ASUS Aura so it could all be controlled simultaneously. The solution that worked for me was to buy: (1) XSPC splitter - Click Here (2) Thermaltake TT Sync's - Click Here Step 1 - Connect the XSPC splitter to the 5v Header (DO NOT CONNECT TO 12V Header) on your MB. Step 2 - Connect the XSPC splitter to SATA power Step 3 - Connect all of your RGB Lighting to the TT Sync's following the instruction manuals for them Step 4 - Connect all of your fan controlls for the TT Sync's Step 5 - Connect both of the TT Sync's 5v Headers to the XSPC Splitter This worked for me with two TT Sync's but I imagine that since the power is coming from SATA, you could potentially connect eight TT Sync's to the splitter. But I am no expert on this so I could be wrong. Thanks to Tack for all of his help steering me the right way on this!
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    Have you tried uninstalling it and deleting the tt folder at C:\Users\*your username*\AppData\Roaming\Tt. Then reinstall the software.
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    i've got the exact same problem too tried uninstalling the mouse from my pc together with the software several times but nothing works. I even tried to connect it to my laptop but it doesnt work either.
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    TT RGB Plus Freezing/Unresponsive

    Like mentioned. I'm in fear of my $900 CPU and $1,200 GPU to fall to the wayside of my AIO cooler, if this software is causing overheating for the AIO and causes it to spring a leak. There will be a lawsuit if this becomes the case. Edit; Just updated. My app will not start, crashes on open, and is otherwise unusable. Glad to see I'm having more problems. After having found a way to fix the previous one.