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    Hey fellow modders! "Armored Alchemist - Level 20" will feature Alphonse Elric from FMA as main Theme for the build, with tempered glass etching, lots of red glowing powered by TT RGB Plus Ecosystem, 3D printed parts, some Philosopher Stone power and some Alchemy. Hope you like it and good luck everyone!
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    Hey Guys! So excited to be one of the 12 chosen for stage 2. Here is my video explaining my design for the Level 20gt chassis. I do not have the knowledge to make fancy renderings so i tried my best to sketch out my idea and explain it in the video, hope you like my design, and good luck to everyone!
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    [Round 2] Top 12 Level 20 GT Designs

    So this is my idea for the Level 20 GT build with a Ironman style with all the bright colors and so on.
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    Hello Everyone, Really happy for the turnout this season, and everyone did an amazing video. After a few days of internal voting and discussions we have our top 12 contenders! Congratulations! If you didn't win this time, its not the end. we will be continuously running these type of events so please don't feel you have lost your opportunity! So without further ado below are the winners! Round 2 has started today and the top 12 contenders are required to make a video on how their Level 20 GT mod will be like and hand it in before April 26th 2019!
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    Hey guys, tired of hearing the news that jailbreak is not available anymore and is is not possible to download Cydia on iOS 12? Well, I too faced such a incident recently but I did download Cydia on my iOS 12 running iPhone X. So I thought I must share the way I downloaded Cydia on my iPhone with you guys and here is the method to do it. So read this full tread to get a good knowledge. Cydia installer was created by the American software engineer Jay Freeman, well known as the name of Saurik. Since after the release of this tool for iDevices, it has begun to make a revolution in Apple iOS devices. iOS 12 is the recent main iOS update so I know many of you are wondering whether there is a jailbreak possibility available or not. Actually, It does have a chance to jailbreak iOS 12. Here an ultimate guide to install Cydia iOS 12 with Cydia Elite will give them all the information and download a guide of Cydia. If you are a newbie to the jailbreak and Cydia, Think of Apple's official App Store so, this is similar to the app store that means you can download apps, games from the Cydia downloader. But there are many advanced options have been included in the Cydia free store, more than the official store. Cydia is an alternative for the Apple app store. Furthermore, if you have installed Cydia download on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, you're eligible to download unlimited apps, themes, tweaks, and more beneficial stuff for free or for a low cost. The app store will allow you to customize your iDevice in a different way and that's why the members of the jailbreak community are searching for the installer Cydia. Recently iOS 12 jailbreak toolkit was found by Ali Security Pandora Labs but the tool has not released for the public yet. But their technology has used to Cydia Elite installer and it published to utilize. So iOS 12 sem-jailbreak package is available with Cydia Elite installer which allows you to download Cydia iOS 12. Semi-jailbreak requires third-party app option to sideload Ios 12 jailbreak system files and it is the main feature of the Cydia Elite installer. To root APFS and bypass, Elite installer break through the system codes. Using Semi- tethered method to access mitigation mechanism on Apple OS this Elite installer allows to download Cydia app store for iOS12 version. Cydia Elite is the latest trend of the jailbreaking and if you are interested in using Cydia Elite application for Cydia installer iOS 12 here is the guide to install it. And don’t forget this trendy application allow to jailbreak on the latest 2018 Apple iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. How to Download Cydia Elite Installer Download Elite installer on your iPhone navigating the Safari web browser. There is a download button on the Cydia Elite official homepage https://www.cydiaelite.com/ and press on it. The tool will automatically detect your device type and the firmware. Press on the install button. When the app opens in the settings, once again tap on the install button. Continue with “Allow” button when the popup appears. Now enter the passcode you are using to unlock your device. Tap on the install button two more times and wait for it to install. Find the Cydia installer icon on the home screen. What Cydia Elite Offer You? These are the benefits you are able to get from downloading Cydia Elite application. Cydia Elites Support All iOS versions from iOS 11 to the latest version. It doesn't require a Mac OSX or desktop PC to work. It has more features to customize your iOS device in your own way. The installation procedure is simple and easy and super speedy. It is compatible with all the 64-bits running iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices. It has guaranteed customer support for all the latest and upcoming iOS versions. DOWNLOAD CYDIA ELITE ON NON-IOS RUNNING DEVICES Cydia for Androids is at demonstration level in the present time. This means it a demo version which cannot be used. But the Elite installer is not compatible with Android devices as well. Download Cydia Elite installer on your iOS device from its official homepage.
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