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    Designs By IFR

    [Australia] Corey Gregory

    Here is my submission! Really wanted to call it RGB Chunder from Down Under but without knowing everyones humor we called it RGB Wonder From Down Under! Hope you all enjoy!
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    [France] Wael El Kadri

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    [Sri lanka] Sanjaya Bhanu

    Hi Guys, So here is what I made for my final video. I wanted to show the basic features and the final light effect I made. Let me know what you guys think
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    Sam Ca

    [Philippines] Samuel Callanta

    final.mp4 final.mp4
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    https://daytona500live.com/ https://daytona500live.com/race/ https://daytona500live.com/stream/ https://daytona500live.com/nascar/
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    Danny The Canadian

    [Australia] Corey Gregory

    Corey all the way give him that dub.
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    [Sri lanka] Sanjaya Bhanu

    Hi guys, So I was thingking about some retro stuff and ended up with this, what do yout think?
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