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  1. Is there any news on the Core P5 AIO Bracket to buy in the UK? I can't seem to find a price in the EU.

    The riing sync cable has no availability in the UK/ EU either.

    I have just built my P5 and kind of hanging my AIO over the back.

    Any plans for a thermaltake Amazon shop?  

  2. So long as it's still under warranty, I'd assume that yes, they'll send you a new controller if you request it and send the other one back.

     That would be cool (no pun intended) can't find a way to contact UK support at the moment. any ideas?

  3. I have a very similar problem my fan Riing14 was only changing colour when the PC switched on. But now it is stuck on red. I only put it in an hour ago but I have now tried a molex to 12v converter but it is still stuck on red and at full power. I had to connect it back to pwm fan header just to make it quiet again.
    Do you think they would send me a new controller?  It is fitted and has a glorious red glow, which is lucky as my primary scheme is red and black. None of the buttons do anything but I can control the speed with the Motherboard (hero v11).  

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