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  1. "I'm just a poor boy, I need a new PC, because my ping is high, frames are low, say goodbye ELO. All I hear's my fan blow, laptop please don't blow up on me........ on me......." - Instalok


    Hi Sir Kurt, like you, I also want to modify and build gaming PC, I want to learn more about Computers, whether it's about software or hardware. But of course it would be cool if I learn both of it. I don't believe that if you have a nice gaming PC and gaming gears, you'll become better at games instantly, But I do believe that when you got that kind of Rigs, you'll eventually get inside the game, like you're living in it, and that is what will make you better at games. It's all because I wanted to be a Pro Gamer someday that's why I want to have those gaming gears and that gaming PC with super cool components, just like yours. I love your build  sir, it's the greatest build of all time, but that's all I needed I just want to play and win the game. You're a monster when it comes to PC building! Thanks for sharing and Goodluck!


    To be honest, I only posted/reply on this thread just to join their raffle, I'm just 18 years old, I'm still studying and can't afford to buy/build a Gaming PC. If ever I will be the chosen winner, this would be my first experience of building a PC. So, thanks for the chance Thermaltake! Love this promo of yours!

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