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  1. Here´s another Teaser for you, regarding the extra RGB lightning. Bright enough to enlighten a whole room. Pure evil. Just ignore the chaos in the background.
  2. Here´s another Unboxing as well as some further steps needed for the Water Cooling to progress. I don´t want to flood the PC in case I have to drain the cooling fluid. This is something I planed right from the beginning. I´ve chosen these important parts: Alphacool connection terminal TEE T-piece round, G1/4 - Chrome and Alphacool Eiszapfen 2-way ball valve G1/4 - Chrome. Nice, massive and shiny. I also needed suitable connection pieces. I´ll use these items: Alphacool double nipple G1/4 outer thread to G1/4'' outer thread with O-ring - Chrome and Alphacool Eiszapfen double n
  3. Just a quick Teaser for you. Don´t worry, this time you won´t have to scroll through several pictures, I promise. Bright enough for your likes? Who needs loud LED Fans? Not me for sure. Classic Fans without built in LEDs can look awesome too!
  4. Let´s have a look at what I did last weekend. Well, the time has come to check the 3x Radiators. Having measured the case, I had to choose these Radiators which would fit. I´m going to use a Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 120mm Radiator, Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 240mm Radiator and Alphacool NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 280mm Radiator. Some more unboxing pleasure. Let´s focus on the packaging and content of this 280 Radiator only since the others are quite similar. The Radiator is well packed. M3 screws in different lenghts and a proper tool. The 2x 140mm Fans for t
  5. Let´s update this thread a little. I´ve wired the LEDs in the second chamber of the case. The same goes for the other chamber. Since I don´t want the wires to be visible, I had to drill a hole and use a cable protection. Not bad, the lightning is very bright but also quite yellowish. I didn´t want to accept it that way. I still had a few other white LEDs left. Let´s redo the same trick I had to perform with the Aluminum front again. The new LEDs also obtained some of the Phobya thermal paste. The first chamber looks a lot better. No visible yellowish tint but just compare t
  6. Before I forget, I´ve also received this great package. I want to thank Noctua for the kind support and for the trust. What´s inside? Quite a bunch of Highend Fans which are ideal for this project in order to grab enough fresh air. Let´s have a closer look at the Fans: 1x NF-A8 PWM which will be used in the second chamber, 3x NF-F12 PWM and 2x NF-A14 PWM for the radiators. I like this "Fan-Ensemble" which looks interesting enough with the black case and gives a great contrast. Each Fan has its own packaging which is very detailed. Since the packagings are similar, it´s enoug
  7. The time has come to work on the case lightning These LEDs are pretty cheap if you order them directly from China. You need to wait a few weeks though According to the description, these are white 3W LEDs. These LEDs are already mounted on some star shaped coolers. Look at this nice thermal paste. It´s the Phobya NanoGrease Extreme 3.5g. I´ve used this thermal paste in other projects before and achieved great cooling performances with it. This thermal paste also helped to improve the cooling performance of a Google Nexus 5 (2013) and Google Nexus 6P. This thermal paste is no
  8. Well, I had a calm weekend this time. Let´s do some Unboxing. Let´s have a look at the Phobya LED Buttons first. These will fill the holes in the Aluminum front and be used as Power and Reset Buttons. The blue ring will replace the Power LED, the white ring will show the HDD activity. I´ve chosen these Buttons: Phobya push-button vandalism-proof / bell push 16mm stainless steel, blue ring lighting 5pin and Phobya push-button vandalism-proof / bell push 16mm stainless steel, white ring lighting 5pin. They look nice, don´t they? I wanted the silver version in order to achieve a nice c
  9. Here we go again. I guess the Dremel Clone will soon be used again in order to make some adjustments to the case I received this great package today. I want to thank Aquatuning Germany for the kind support and for the trust. I wonder what´s inside? Many Premium Water Cooling parts and some nice tools too I´m sure that this Water Cooling will be awesome, though I have to admit that it´s my very first Water Cooling Projekt. I might experience some problems but hey, everybody has to start small by jumping into the cold water. "Learning by Doing" is the best recipe if you want to i
  10. Ok, some more electronics crafting. I had to adjust the hole for the socket just a little more. What´s this? I made a little circuit which will be used for the 2x LED Buttons later. Since soldering stuff is nice, I went on with the socket for the Aluminum front. I didn´t like the surface very much and I could not get a idea out of my head. I used a Dremel Clone again in order to grind the surface. I attached 2x M3 female screws. Well, now I soldered them in place and removed the screws again. It´s easier for me to remove the socket if I have to, without fiddling around
  11. The time has come for another update. I´m still waiting for some parts and I´m sorry that I cannot offer a huge update right now. This part looks familiar, eh? What will I use it for? It´s going to connect the electronics planed for the Aluminum Front. Where will I attach this socket? I think this is a good place for it. I´ve used a Dremel Clone in order to cut a hole. Well, this looks OK to me. I guess, this doesn´t look bad? There is enough room for me in order to attach the connector and to fix the cables needed. I´ve resized all pictures in case you didn´t notice.
  12. I hope that you´re not confused, why I posted 4 Updates in 2 posts? It´s because I had to wait as a new member until each post was verified by a moderator. This can take a while and I wanted all my threads to have the same content as soon as possible Since I´m waiting for some material, I continued with the Aluminum front. I finished my motive and worked on the edges in order to smoothen them. I also grinded the edges at a 45° angle in order to enhance them. I also worked on the smaller parts since the time has come to close the hole in the Aluminum front. The edges got the same
  13. 3. Update You can use 2x 120 or 2x 140 Fans behind the Aluminum front. I will use only 2x 140 Fans and this is why I´ve decided to remove the extra 120 mounts. Now let´s have a closer look at the "front panel" PCB. First I had to remove some components since I might use them later. The "clean" PCB received 2 extra M3 holes and was cut with a Dremel Clone. I want the USB ports to be independent of the Aluminum front. This way I can remove the Aluminum front without any problems. I will also connect the Power + LED buttons with extra connectors in order to disconnect them easily if
  14. Usually I don´t like CNC made stuff because all you need to do, is to connect some industrial made pieces together. Sure, the planing is one thing but where´s the fun, the dirt and the sweat? But in the end, this project looks awesome. Will you show it in Germany at the DCMM 2017 too?
  15. Ok guys, I´ll sumarize my progress 1. Update Here are some pictures of the stock case: I like the way this case has been designed. Like I said before, I will move the "front panel" with the additional connections. I won´t keep all elements since I don´t need any front audio connectors. To be honest, I never used these. I will keep the USB ports and some of the cables. Where should I place the new USB ports and the Power + Reset Button? The lower bottom of the Aluminum front seems to be the perfect spot. I planed the new position of the USB ports and the Pow
  16. My vote is for China, though it´s not an easy choice since all other projects are awesome. Yu Han has build a even more insane looking project than Germany.
  17. Hello, I´m the new guy here. Actually I had a account here before, many years ago but I cannot remember the name and maybe it has been deleted due to inactivity. Some of you may have seen me in other forums too Since I´m nearly done with my old Project, I guess the time has come to start another one. I have chosen a Jonsbo W2 Black Window PC case as a base. I like this case because it´s quite small, elegant and doesn´t look exaggerated. I´ve received this large package just in time before Christmas. I want to thank PC-Cooling GmbH for the kind support and for t
  18. Same here. Real men don´t use CNCs and only assemble pieces together.
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