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  1. Yes, tried that also. Exactly as you said.

    Seems the same thing. Buggy and non-responsive. Check my video. https://youtu.be/lq3Akq3pjXI

    And again, my greatest pain, layers don't work as "layers". They are just "custom" presets non-interactive with each other. Whats the point of that? There`s already a [save] and [load] button on the bottom left corner for saving and loading different presets you want to keep.



    If the issue still exists, can you please provide us your general computer setup and specs and any other information you feel will help us and we will get back to you asap.

    Win 10 x64
    16 ram
    video: Gtx 1070
    CPU: intel-5 2500k @3.3 GHz
    Dx: 12

  2. Yes I tried it all, v1.4 is actually more bugged than older versions, I've tried newest and older. (Even tried in different languages like chinesse since I saw there was a huge difference is the file size.)

    As I said in the review, Layer function doesn't work (or barely work), and even creating and applying layers bugs the hardware colors sometimes. That was the saddest thing for me.

    Can you guys help me more than the obvious?
    Otherwise I wont waste my time here and will just return the product.

  3. This is my amazon review, 4 days after buying Poseidon Z RGB. I'm mainly here to get the software, which control the keyboard, to work properly or I`m asking a refund and changing to Razer keyboard/mouse products after experiencing the quality difference.



    I'm a long-term fan of TT case and hardware, but have to say this keyboard S**KS BADLY in all important reasons that would make you buy it.

    First off, and most importantly, the software who controls the keyboard is slow, stubborn, and BUGGY. Why? A few SOLID topics below:
    1 - LIGHT customization doesn't work as advertised or intended, nor the USER INTERFACE, which is crappy, buggy and looks like made for Win 98.
     1.1 - Effect Layers doesn't work at all. So if you want to have a wave effect mixed with ripple effect or basic light, just wont happen. Same as any effect I tried. I saw the Razer software (Synapse) working in videos only, but I was astonished how awesome it looks compared to this one. They explain and show on the official tutorial how to customize everything, but in Poseidon Z RGB tutorial video, they don't even dare to try to show custom colors, they just show presets and even tho it seems slow and buggy.
     1.2 - It just doesn't save your settings as it should. Sometimes the colors on the keys, effects and even the names of layers just rollback to something saved earlier or something weird. (SEE THE PICTURE, where the default layer and second layer names DISAPPEAR) 
     1.3 - The light options screen sometimes (if not almost all the time) glitches and the UI get messed up. i.e. If you drag and click too many times on the keyboard key selection area, it starts to glitch (SEE MY VIDEO and check the glitched purple squares). It is slow to respond and sometimes it load some crazy colors you didn't pick!!!
     1.4 - You just cant delete the "default layer" meaning doesn't matter if you create other layers the default one will always interfere on the custom color. As I said the software is crazy and sometimes it even overwrite the customization you are trying to make.
    2 - MACRO keys are fine when creating them, but the keybinding is buggy as ####, I really almost lost my temper trying to set just 3 macro keys.
     2.1 - The macro just work when you switch to game mode, but sometimes the switch button just don't obey the command and you have to press it several times. And it is slow to respond.
     2.2 - I also experienced a glitch which kept switching from normal mode to gaming mode without pressing anything. Had to logout to make the software reset cos shutting it down wasn't working.
     2.3 Sometimes (again, if not most of times) when applying a COLOR or a MACRO the software freezes and keep on the "loading screen" forever. You have to ctrl+alt+del to force the software to crash.
    2.4 Macro on the fly makes the software freeze and crashes.
    2.5 Shift System key just doesn't work well, and it has a slow response. Sometimes even crash the software.
    You can say the hardware is functional, but without the software its just a regular keyboard with a simple light preset. Does not worth the price.
    It took me 4 days to come here, ANGRY. I was pretty patient, I tried everything possible and read all forums before really decide to write this, because as I said, I couldn't believe how bad this software/hardware was made, specially because I really like TT products. But I'm really disappointed. My last instance now will be writing to support to see if there's a workaround or a fixing patch on the way for this MAD control software. If not, I'm sending this thing back and asking for a refund for sure.
    PS: I just gave 2 starts instead of 1 cos I`m really fond of ThermalTake and I hope they do better and fix it.

    I really just need 3 things here:

    1 - Know you guys are aware of how bad the keyboard software is compared to others on the market. Since it doesnt' deliver what is advertised for.
    Also know you are working to fix it and make it better in a acceptable time.
    2 - Help me solve the light colors, layers and customization as it should work. 

    ps: I know the bugged and slow UI will take time, and the aesthetic wont change quick. But if at least things work, even if slowly. I don't care, as long as it functions solidly! No crazy settings rollback bugs!

    It wont let me post the video here just the picture.

    Thank you.


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