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Everything posted by mark310

  1. A lot of great modders in this season!!!! Will go for mhike samsin for this competition
  2. From tower 900 to mechanical case? Very curious!!!!
  3. I hope to see some sick looking mods like irie ahmad's from last season. Meanwhile i'll be bettin on mhike samsin for this season!!!!!!
  4. great competition, this is actually good for budding modders. i expect mhike samsin to win
  5. Will support you all through out the competition PH representstive!! Go mhike samsin!!!
  6. I hope there'll be some sick modz this season like what happnd last season predictin mhike samsin to own this
  7. All the competitors are tough, but i'll still be supporting mhike samsin on this, go mhike!!!
  8. Mmmhhhhhhhiiiiiikkkkeeee samsiiiiiinnn!!!!! voting for mhike samsin on this
  9. Thanks for the update i now recall when the previous season was just starting, not much updatr on build logs, maybe i just got used to other modders not posting much on the build log and much more on social media :/ but thanks anyways i'll make sure to stay tuned on all build logs to feel the heat of the competition
  10. Just a bit sad that the modders arent posting progress in TT community. Still... Could check the progress on facebook, go tantric modz, go mhike samsin
  11. I remember the feeling from last season i supported stefan ulrich, now i'll support one of my own!!! Go mhike samsin!!
  12. mhike knows the way. follow mhike. mhike has the answers. hahahahah go go go mhike samsin!
  13. @Tt Andy just a quick question, why arent you guys sponsorin the modders with engine 27? Just curious. i mean, i could already imagine some sick mods with engine 27
  14. Cant wait for all builds to be finished voting for mhike samsin's mod
  15. A lots been goin on, i'd make sure to monitor every builders build log to feel the heat of the competition. Would still support mhike samsin though
  16. I thought i suddenly went into a different website, love the changes you made on the mobile website kudos to the web developers of thermaltake anyways, i predict mhike samsin to win
  17. A lot of mhike samsin fans in here, he now has a lot in his shoulders, hahaha, go mhike!!!!!
  18. I dont see a lot of mods with pneumatic cylinders so i'd predict mhike samsin to win due to the unorthodox-y feel of his build
  19. In the last competition, i voted stefan ulrich and his dalek mod, now this time, i'll be voting for mhike samsin, one of our own go mhike samsin
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