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  1. its great that a lot is getting excited for the incomingevent. would vote for philippine pride mhike samsin on this
  2. I like how pneumatic cylinders were used in the mod, so i'll go for Mhike Samsin. Haven't seen a lot of modders do that, or maybe its just me, hahaha
  3. This season is gonna be great. I'll be waiting for some great progress, but in the meantime, i vote mhike samsin!!!!!
  4. The hype is real!! Who says only MOBA games are the only ones with great crowd? Casemod 2017 on the way, gonna go for Mhike Samsin!!!!!
  5. Seen original concepts with mhike samsin. The choice is clear for me mhike samsiiiinnnn!!!!!!
  6. I see that the tower is already cut and under way, will vote for mhike samsin on this, expecting big things!!!!!
  7. Go mhike go!!!! Voting for mhike samsin for this season's invitational
  8. I've seen what he can do, so i'll go with mhike "tantric" samsin!!!
  9. Not that hard of a decision!!!!!! Mhike samsin for the win!!!!! Expecting simple but big things from his buils!!!
  10. P5 mod by mhike samsin already in progress, will monitor the FB page for some good progress!!!! All hail mhike samsin!!!!! Woooohhh!!!!
  11. Mhike knows the way, mhike delivers, voting for mhike!!!!
  12. Mhike samsin's previous build which had .50 cal. on top and missile launcher was well executed. Simple yet so cool, so i'm predicting that he'll be the one to win. Mhike samsin FTW
  13. I've seen his ROG build and now im gonna see his p5 build, i've seen this guys potential and his builds are an original concept, confident to say that he has a good chance of winning, predicting mhike samsin!!!
  14. We all have our picks but i'll support one of my own. Go filipino pride. Mhike samsin for the wiiiiinnnn!!!!!!!
  15. Im rooting for mhike samsin, would love to have one of ours to be a champ in the international scene, go mhike!!!!!!
  16. Raise the flag!!!! We're here to back you up man!!!! Go mhike!!!!
  17. I'll be voting for mhike ssssaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmsssssssiiiiiiinnnnn!!!!!!!!! Yeayah!!!!
  18. Still think Stefan Ulrich should be invited. The ability to create a well designed build without having to consume a whole lot of space is actually best for gamers especially those that dont have a lot of room for a good gameroom. His most recent build, which is the dalek mod, could easily fit in a corner of a gameroom without taking up much space which is, like what i said, i bigdeal for gamers with not much of a room. In my perspective, That is a key aspect to be invited
  19. Could actually call this one "in the bag"!!!! goodluck with the competition man
  20. Still rooting for stefan ulrich, learned a lot from the log!!! Goodluck man
  21. Saw that one too man, the led tone on that tardis build was good too. The reservoir in the middle of the tardis was on spot. Its as if the coolant in that build was actually bioluminecent
  22. Blue led lighting, 2 tone LCS loop, copper toned panels, fully custom body, only need a tardis and a doctor who to begin the series!!!!! Congratulations on that masterpiece man, soooooo cool!!!!!!
  23. dude, i thought it was just gonna be a simple LCS loop for the cooling system but it looks so cool!!! XD goodluck man, im excited for that final product
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