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  1. sure is a very cool PC build right there too sad i didnt win it but congrats to winners
  2. congratulations to all the winners ) enjoy on those new thermaltake goodies
  3. Looks good!!!!! Especially with the reservoir installed, almost finished within a few days!!! Thrilled for the finished product!!
  4. Thanks for answering man. Im just so used to having cheap power supply that im not actually used to the concept of arduino integration in a build. Hahaha, few more days to the finish, goodluck
  5. Gettin excited for the finished build just a quick question, will the build PSU be the power source for the arduino and LEDs?
  6. Happy New Year guys!!! Coming all the way from the Philippines!!!!! Welcome to 2017 thermaltake community )
  7. Will be looking forward to the next update man. In the meantime, merry christmas man! a vacation well deserved after days of hard work!
  8. As im visiting ur log, im always learning something thanks for all those modding knowledge stefan, i'll probably try one of ur methods once i have the right amount of money. I was kinda hesitant to make modifications to my PC but thanks to your progress, im kinda taking it as a challenge to have a good build now. XD thanks man
  9. Dude u even took time to program the arguino. A lot of dedication there!!!! Goodluck man, take some rest for christmas
  10. U really put a lot of labor in creating this build man. Some serious hard work going on. Ur building a dalek that's harder to build than a real dalek, hahahaha. Great job man, last time i checked it was about the head, now its about mobility. Looking forward for more updates on your build.
  11. I never thought glass fiber could actually be used for housing a build. I always thought it'd be metal, plastic, or tempered glass. I always learn something new whenever i visit ur build log man, thanks a lot for the new knowledge
  12. Man! That is a real load of work in the PCB i wouldnt want to do. That is a lot of hard work stefan. Goodluck on the build
  13. Last time i checked, it was just the base lighting of the dalek mod, now this!!!! Progress just keeps getting better and better, goodluck man!
  14. Not even finished but its as if the mod is ready to shoot lasers
  15. @Stefan Ulrich: well thats a new one for me, hahaha. I thought there'd alwaysbe a static problem with wood cases. Thanks for answerin good sir
  16. looks like the bot from wolfenstein, but in a good way, nice build man ) looking forward for the finished build
  17. at first i wasnt able to appreciate how it would look like, but as the progress goes further, it actually looks badass with that aluminum panel, COMMENDED man!! XD
  18. Im actually new to modding and honestly, i dont have a good set up. So i'd just like to ask, since the components would be housed in wood, won't there be a problem with static?
  19. Good thing you didnt go for the police box idea stefan, kinda mainstream. Fresh concept on using a dalek as a case. Goodluck, will keep on checkin the progress on that cool mod
  20. Please Let Me Win!!!!!!

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