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    Jordan reacted to cucmag in [France] Bertrand Cucmag   
    Hello everyone   
    Then I'm Bertrand but my kickname on the modding world is cucmag 
    I am pleased to participate in the famous contest organized by Thermaltake 
    All I can say on the mod I think realize, that revolves around wine, red wine ....
    - "well that's a cooling wine in some sort   "
    Oh! Xray! 

    So I present you Xray! It is a little skull...
    - "little !!!   "
    Yes! no more than 15 cm  
    - "not false....."
    And he's here to present this workblog, so do not be surprised to see it often on photos, he loves it  
    - "okay.... we begin with some components..."

    Yes! we present you all the hardware that take place in the mod 
    - "the first one is the motherboard"
    great motherboard! an Asus Maximus VIII Formula

    - "the brain of this config is this cpu"
    an i7 6700k by Intel 

    - "the brain still needs memory   "
    so we have this memory array! 4 Avexir Impact of 4 Go each

    - "for graphics...."
    the eyes in some sort 
    - "we have this GTX 1070 Strix"

    and as we say in France, a train can hide another ....
    - "we have not one but two GTX 1070 Strix !!!!"

    so we need this SLI bridge 
    - "indeed"

    in terms of storage...
    - "first, we have this Hard Drive"
    a Seagate Fire Cuda
    - "the SSHD"

    and we have this little one 

    - "a SSD M2 Sata of V-color"
    120 Go  
    - "as you can see, V has been replaced by a T   "
    and another little t is glued next
    - "Tt like Thermaltake of course!"

    and the case?
    - "not yet...."
    we don't say if it is a X5 or X71...
    - "the next time perhaps...."
    okay, so! see you soon 
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