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  1. On 2017. 06. 10. at 9:59 AM, Geller said:


    And what do you think about Ventus X?? i think it's a best gamer mouse by far!

    Oh ,man i am glad that you asked , it is the best mouse that i have ever owned  hehe :D   .

    But tell me friend ,what do you think about the  TT mousepad? Its so good, right?

  2. On 2017. 06. 02. at 0:03 AM, Geller said:

    Yeah , the Poseidon Z is the best keyboard what i ever seen, so good :D 

    Yes! Exactly!  Im glad that you agree.

    This reminds me of...:

    Once i was at a friends house , and he told me that his headset was much better,so i told him to lets compare the sound of  my 3D 7.1 and his headset, and my headseats sound was much better , i think i have convinced him hehe :D , do you have any  experience like this one?

  3. On 2017. 04. 21. at 1:01 PM, AblinK said:

    Well who of You got SCHOCK 3D ?? Im asking cuz I'm thinking about buying the new set, can You recommand that ?

    I have  the SHOCK 3D , and i doesnt even have a bad word for it :) . Easily the best headset ,that i ever had (and i had like 5 headsets before) It is really comfortable, and price efficient . Does anyone have a good gaming chair? I would like to hear about it :)  

  4. 17 hours ago, beni said:

    I also use that mouse, very good mouse :)) What about Shock 3D, whats ur opinion?

    Ohh ,you didnt ask me ,but i will tell you my personal opinion , the Shock 3D is the best headset that i have ever owned, the mic is easy to adjust and the headphone rests nicely on my head :)

  5. Hello,

    Well I jut repack all staff from Tt eports that came to GamingHoue and I have to admit that really thi Poseidon Z keyboard is just great ! 

    oon WIll upload photos for You here ^_^

    Looking forward to it! Im curious of how does the gaming house look like :).  Hope i can see it soon.

  6. Before Last SEEC  at Belgrade , we have received the full TT gear  with the backpack and everything . A lot of people including my father told me that the backpack looks super cool ,and professional :D . I really love the backpack ,because when i travel to a lan event ,the backpack is so big that i can put my cloths in there too :D ,saving me the need of another backpack.

  7. Yeah i love my Shock 3D, the souns is AWESOME!! I also love the microphone, if u dont need it, u can flip it up and ur mic is muted to^^

    Whaaat? I honestly had no idea about this xd, this is a gamechanger function ,this is super cool :D ! One bonus point on why i like the Shock 3D.

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