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  1. Yes, I spoke with customer service and they replaced it with no problem. The new one works like a champ. Be as sure that you talk to the USA service center. I had to you through some hoops to get to them.
  2. Hello to all: I purchased a BlacxDuet a year ago and have been using it for about six months and until now has worked perfectly. Now I see no blue lights and the 2 drives are not appearing on any computer. The drives will spin up. The computer that I was using is a HP Desktop 750 -160qe running Win 10 pro 64 Bit with 12 gigs of ram. I tried the BlackX on an older Win 7 Computer and had the same results. Also disks do not appear in Disk Management. I do not have another 3.0 SS cable but I am thinking about ordering one to eliminate a bad cable as a cause. I purchased the BlackX from Best Buy on 3/5/2016. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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