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  1. Hello


    I want to ask Question, i have Poseidon Z RGB BS .

    before the new firmware released , my keyboard working propely for anything.

    but after i'm updating my firmware into v2.1.2 now my keyboard always spamming key when pressed Once Time.




    S : sssss

    J : jjjj

    Num. 8 : 888888 (Sometimes i have to press this key becaue it's not working sometimes)

    "( : ; )" : that Double Dot sometimes doesn't work , so i need to press it multiple times until work

    Num Lock : sometimes it doesn't work too so i have to press it many times.



    and writing this topic, i have to delete some spamming key too xD

    Please fix this Problem



    My keyboard it's only 4 month age now , if my keyboard broken maybe this keyboard in bad quality right ?

    i need help , if someone have same problem please help me find out how to solve this problem

    because it's really disgusting, disturbing when i playing games and writing on my job task



    Thank You.

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