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    MrPipeBomb got a reaction from Envious Mods in 2018 CaseMOD Invitational Season 1 Voting   
    Envious Mods all day
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    MrPipeBomb reacted to Vince Scott in Who do you vote for in MFC 2?   
    @rogx99, the CEO of One Stop Electronics, it's very simple. if you don't know JPModified, then you know nothering. 
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    MrPipeBomb reacted to rogx99issalty in Who do you vote for in MFC 2?   
    506? he has 20,214 people on his Facebook page. Roughly 2.5% of his Facebook page. Now, as such a successful CEO, I am sure if you made a post on your facebook showing off your company, at least 2.5% of people would react to it? 
    I know what you mean about the "great lengths" you had to take to register though. It took me almost 40 seconds to create this account. I mean, in that time, you could have attempted to satisfy your lover. Twice. Then had a cigarette afterwards.

    I know most of the contestants and have met 6 of them personally and I don't think ANY of them would try and cheat the votes. Also, knowing JP, I don't think he would try and hack it... He probably knows "nothering" about it. 

    davido... urm I mean



    Tt Competition Salt Mines.
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