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Download the best apk apps and games to make the most out of your smartphone!
Here we will recommend you different kinds of Top1apk's selected apk files for you: the coolest games and apps in the market. And believe us, each has its characteristic that surely won’t disappoint you!
Screenshot Snap (Ashampoo)
There is a huge amount of apps for creating screenshots, but only a few of them can offer you a built-in editor that will greatly simplify the task for some users. With the Screenshot Snap app from Ashampoo, you can not just take a screenshot, but edit it right away by highlighting the necessary fragments, adding text or cutting off an extra piece.
The app is quite convenient to use, although it is worth noting that the interface is made slightly differently than other utilities from Ashampoo. The toolbar is located at the bottom of the screen and appears after clicking on the arrow. The tools in the app can be lots of things, such as a marker, pencil, arrow, different kinds of shapes. Also, the app helps you with cropping photos, adding text, stickers, and when you buy the full version, you will be able to stretch a certain area of the screenshot.
Arrows or figures can be rotated and resized without problems using quite familiar gestures. The only thing that is very unfortunate is the inability to change or at least move the same arrow after editing is completed. Since the app is not only a utility for screenshots but also an editor, any screenshot that you have taken before can be selected from the gallery.
In the settings, you can change the quality of the screenshot when you save, change the format, as well as disable unnecessary options. Screenshot Snap will please you with the ability to edit screenshots since there are not many apps that possess such functionality.
Editing tool
Scaling tool 
Drawing arrows
Drawing rectangles / ellipses / lines
Adding text
Cropping images
Shadow/contour support: arrows, text, rectangles, ellipses, lines
Install the edited image on the desktop
Support for all installed sharing tools (Facebook, Google+, Picasa, Twitter, etc.)
The WebGuard program is designed to effectively block most ads on sites displayed in any browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Boat Browser, Yandex Browser, UC Browser, and others).
Also, a lot of tracking systems and counters are blocked, which aim to collect user’s page history for resale to third parties, sometimes violating ethical and even legal norms.
In addition to blocking advertising and tracking systems, intrusive attempts by websites and advertising systems to deliver malicious apps to the user's device are blocked. Access to sites that distribute malicious apps, trojans that may threaten the confidentiality of user data are effectively blocked too.
Block websites that distribute malicious content
Block fraudulent sites
Block the download of apps from unknown sources
Inform on visiting paid sites
Block intrusive advertising
Protect from surveillance (banner, tracking, social networks, etc.).
Hide information about the user.
Enhanced privacy mode.
Accelerate the Internet.
Roots are not required for the application
The app monitors Internet traffic through a specially created VPN-channel in the device. In this case, the data is analyzed by the app itself without the use of third-party servers
Automatic database update to detect new threats
Next, let's check some games!
Game of Kings: The Blood Throne
If you like high-quality multiplayer strategies, Game of Kings: The Blood Throne will not disappoint you. According to the classics of the genre - you will become a brilliant ruler and commander.
To do this, you will have all the possibilities - pumping the abilities of your character, building your fortified city, collecting resources, researching maps. And also you will be able to create mutually beneficial alliances, fight against monsters together, plus seize foreign kingdoms and smash numerous enemies.
You can well build a system of fortifications and defenses of your city so that the enemy cannot break through. Of course, no one has canceled the use of your tactical and strategic skills in combat and in times of peace.
High-quality strategic gameplay
The construction of the city and fortifications
The creation of alliances
Collect gold and resources
Epic battles with enemies and monsters
Colorful, high-quality graphics
Clear and easy control
Let’s check out the next apk game that requires some logical thinking and also has some elements of horror in it.
We’ve just reached our final stop. What are your feelings about those apps and games? If you are into editing some screenshots to have so fun, try out Screenshot Snap. Also, we strongly suggest you download WebGuard, as this tool will protect your daily site surfing. You can always find more information about our store at: https://www.facebook.com/apkfreedownloadtop1apk/
Angry Neighbor
Angry Neighbor provides exciting adventures, the outcome of which no one can predict. The app will tell about a suspicious neighbor who leads a reclusive life as if he has something to hide. The curiosity of the protagonist prevailed over fear, so he goes to reveal the truth about this strange man. An interesting point: a neighbor is constantly building something and making noises with tools, as now he has several houses nearby.
The user must wander to the area and search for keys to open the doors. But this is not the most important thing - besides this, you need to pick up other items that may be useful at some point. For example, a box or chair, standing on which, it is easy to get into a previously inaccessible place. The player has an inventory where the entire loot is added. This app should be considered as a kind of horror because you need to constantly hide from your neighbor. Otherwise, the user will meet an inevitable death.
Adventure is built on the Unity engine, so do not wait for something mindblowing from the graphics. It is quite bearable, but every minute slows down when the camera rotates. There is no background music, but birds can be heard everywhere. Angry Neighbor - a thrilling action game that tells an amazing story about a strange person living next door. The game pleases with freedom of actions and various traps.
Good 3D graphics optimized for mobile devices
Good and quality management
Unusual plot
Do what you want, have fun
Climb various places
Explore the houses
All good things come to an end…
     Don’t forget our games with different kinds of playstyles. Both of them have medium quality graphics, but yet, awesome storylines, gameplays that require logical and strategic thinking will surely enhance your gaming experience. So download these great apk apps and games at Top1 apk downloader - best alternative to Google Play and give them a try!
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