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    pedut got a reaction from Juggapat in [Final Voting]: 12/24/2019 ~ 1/7/2020   
    [Thailand] Juggapat Thonglue FTW!!!
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    pedut reacted to Y.G Casemod in [Italy] Yuri Gabrielli   
    Welcome back guys.     
    End of works.
    And here we are at the end of the works.
    Here is the final video in 4 K , the complete photobook in Hi Res and the technical datasheet of this extreme mod.
    What to say, a very demanding adventure given the great importance of this competition and the very high level of the contenders.
    Even from a strictly technical / practical point of view as regards the realization of this extremely complicated and difficult mod in all its many details, it has been very very demanding.
    Now the final verdict of the jury is expected.
    A very special thank  to Thermaltake Technology Inc and to all the sponsors of this great event for having supported me and given this great opportunity.
    Special thanks to Francesco Morgantini (Kernan)
    for the realization of the extraordinary final video and for the equally extraordinary photos that he performed.
    Below the link to his Youtube channel:
    Make yourself comfortable and have a good vision. 
    Stay tuned.
    Worklogs on:
    Thermaltake Technology Inc AMD ZOTAC ASRock Plextor
    Thanks to all for following me. https://www.facebook.com/Y.GabrielliCasemod/

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    pedut reacted to Tt Andy in Prediction Voting Event   
    The Prediction Voting Event has Started!
    All you have to do is comment below on who you think will win this seasons CaseMOD Invitational for your chance to win our NEW Core P5 Ti Edition!
    Event date: July 6th 2018 ~ August 3rd 2018

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    pedut reacted to nKwoel in Pre Event Predictions 11/15 ~ 12/15/2017   
    Vote for Jesse Palacio
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