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  1. Hi

    Thanks for your answer.

    4 hours ago, Teszty66 said:

    Yea, but the thing is before v1.7 the service was detecting the fans by its RPM so it shouldn't matter if your fans were at 20% or 30%. I guess it might not return correct values if its 20%? But that seems weird.

    In v1.7 I removed the empty port check and just added all ports no matter what, and they still have some fans missing. And there is literally no reason they should be missing.

    Yes that's true, I'm using version 1.5 and I have not observed such a stagnation since I set the minimum speed of the fans to 25%.

    4 hours ago, Teszty66 said:

    You can try going services.msc and stopping the service manually. It should switch to shutdown mode.

    Yes, there is no problem when manually stopping the service. The fans are completely switched into the shutdown mode.


    P.S. I am waiting impatiently for new functionalities. Thanks

  2. Hi

    I had the same thing (when the system starts, it does not detect all fans). It helped me increase the speed of the fans to 25%-30% in the boot profile. The controller probably does not understand 20% of the speed, so it does not detect them correctly. The topic described in a private message is why I am quoting it here. I've been using it for a few weeks and it's ok ...

    ... but there is a problem with the shutdown profile. This does not work when shutting down or rebooting the system. why? as if the service did not turn off

    P.S. Is it possible to create profiles? so that you can start the right sets with one click. No need to check the fans again? Now the situation looks like that if I have two profiles naromal and in one of them I have 5 fans, after switching to the second profile, unfortunately I have to select all fans again and save to activate this second profile. See photo ...



    thanks for your time ...

  3. Hi

    I have a Riing Plus 12 LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition (5 Fan Pack) product. And I have aproblem with sound. The problem is the looping of sound when exiting, for example, games, from programs that play movies or play music. The looping of the sound reveals itself with persistent hum, buzzing, snarling. It sounds like a feedback. It only helps to disable your application from the tray. I noticed that your application is still present in the audio mixer. Can I turn it off completely from the mixer? Muting nothing helps.

    Please help me. My equipment is processor Intel Core i7-4790k, motherboard Maximus VI Gene.

    P.S. The problem occurs in the version program 1.1.6 and 1.2.4

  4. Hi

    uff, there is a new problem. I did not notice it before, but maybe because the colors were not set. At the start of the service, all fans are not always detected. Once it detects two or three fans, and the second time it detects only four. Nothing when he detects all fans. I do not know ... I have win7 64, maybe it's a problem?



  5. Hi

    ok, problem solved - temporarily.

    1. I created the file Start_RiingPlusService.bat (content: NET START RiingPlusService)
    2. I created a new basic task Ring Plus Service
    3. Task run at system startup. Start a task as a System
    4. Service RiingPlus.Service set manual mode

    And the whole works, the system ready after 6 seconds with the fan profile loaded. Maybe someone will use it. :)






  6. Hi

    Yes, and yes ...

    I repeat, setting the service in automatic mode (delayed) means that the service does not start at all. Unfortunately, when the system is started, the service starts very long. If I run this service manually, it takes a few seconds. So it must be some conflict in the starting sequence.

    I will try to exclude some programs and services in msconfig. Maybe it will give something.


    after about 80 seconds ...


    P.S. Disabling all programs and services in msconfig does not give anything. still the same. I have no idea ...

  7. Hi

    Thanks for your reply. Now I understand exactly how it works. However, I have a problem with the long start of the service all the time. The service starts before logging into the system, but in the task manager it shows "starting" as if the start has not yet finished. It takes about 60 seconds. I will add that until this start is over, other processes are waiting. Such as wifi, keyboard software and corsair mice etc.

    From what I noticed, this service also creates a process with the same name, maybe it has some meaning?

    Thanks for all a lot.

  8. Hi

    Thanks for your reply. App is very intertesting... but the service runs for a very long time by blocking other processes, for example wifi network, loading the software with corsair K70RGB etc. and is it possible to save config / profile to the controller's memory? from what I see, it is not possible.

    Additional question .... is the recording only possible for a selected group of fans or one? Or maybe there is a possibility of writing for each individual?

    The config.json file contains only the last record (group or one fan selected, no matter the same parameters for all). And it should probably consist of as many elements as there are fans. So that the service has individual memories for each fan separately. This here is probably lacking like oxygen :)

    And so besides good job !

    P.S. Did thermaltake get interested in your program?

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