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  1. So I'm new to watercooling and I purchased 2 of these Pacific PR22-D5 Plus pump/res combos. The literature states these pumps can push up to 1135 L/Hr at setting 5. Both of mine are at setting 5 and according to my flow rate monitors (Thermaltake Pacific TF1), both pumps are only pushing 190 L/Hr and 200 L/Hr... WAY below the rated speeds. I tried changing the dial from 5 to 3 just to see if it was mislabeled or something and the speeds dropped to 110 L/Hr and at times below 70 which set off the flow control alarms. Both are only about 2 weeks old and I'm currently running the 24 hr leak check (DI water) and after 8-9 hours, the flow rates have not increased at all... If it matters, both reservoirs are about 95% full. Am I doing something wrong or did I get two bad pumps? Basic layout of the pumps: 1 pump is flowing through my video card then into a CL480 radiator then back to the pump/res. The other pump goes to the cpu then a cl360 radiator then back again. I know, overkill, but I liked the 2 pump look and I plan to get another video card and possibly memory water blocks too.
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