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    CplPunishr got a reaction from swedishchanson in RGB Setup woes: Level 20 MT ARGB   
    you never will hear back from them, and if you do, it will never be useful info. just mod the controller and buy your next case from someone else. 
  2. Like
    CplPunishr got a reaction from todd200 in Level 20 MT ARGB Case fans WON'T sync   
    okay, so i gave it another look, and got it working, even though ive moved on and replaced the fans with noctua and added some airgoo led's
    what i've done now is taken the thermaltake "controller, and removed EVERYTHING from it except the connectors. i took every resistor, capacitor and the 2 IC's off the board. 
    i cut off the sata power connection  and rewired the 12v and gnd to a fan plug,
    i then soldered a jumper from the 5v pin of the mobo argb in header to the 5v pin on "fan 1" and the same with digital in to the dig in on "fan 1"
    now the fans get fan power, and the leds get argb 5v, dig in goes to dig in on fan 1, and daisy chains from there.
    sure tt is never gonna honor the warranty on it, but did anyone still believe that they ever would?
    also, i did verify that the "I" on the board is not a tach line, its actually ground for the 12v system.
    so there is no tach, the fans just spin at whatever speed the 12v sends them to.
    as in + and - instead of 12v and gnd.
    dunno why they did that, but yeah.
    also, in case you were wondering, both grounds are tied together on the board within the fans, so i would still recommend replacing those soon anyways.
    this isnt a perfect soloution, but it works wonderfully.
    remove everything from board
    jumper aRGB: 5v to fan 1: 5v
    jumper aRGB: Di to fan 1: Di
    connect 12v and - on "com 1" to a chassis fan header, or leave it if you feel like wasting a sata connection.
    restart your computer.
    p.s.: i know i hacked the board mod up, i was getting a little frustrated the other night.

  3. Thanks
    CplPunishr reacted to jujunet in Level 20 MT ARGB Case fans WON'T sync   
    People here with this issue :
    Morpheus 258 : Commander C36 + Tuf X570
    DoomsSsday : View37 + Strix-E X570
    maherrich : Commander C36 + Strix-F X570
    GregAMD : View 37 + Prime TRX40
    Roundgraph Level 20 MT + Strix-E X570
    Juraz76 : Commander C34 + Strix-E X570
    Saamushain ? + Tuf X570 plus wifi
    Jujunet : Level 20 MT + Strix-E X570
    Atsf1317 : Level 20 MT + Strix-E X570
    TT james answered that TT tested the controller card with Asus X570 Series and works perfectly. Looking for issue. No news anymore.
    Can someone in this forum who own one of these cases, with an Asus X570 or TRX40 post here. To know if they are numerous or not.
    It's not a coincidence or a defect. There is a real compatibility problem. The least we could do is send to these users a compatible card before they run out of warranty, or suggest a solution (quickly). These chassis are supposed to support Aura.
    Best Regards,
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