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  1. Case control was an assumption on my part. I assumed it had it but it doesn't appear to from what I can see looking at pics. Mine did and it worked although it wouldn't work with my MOBO. I ended up buying two fans to replace my front ones and now its all controlled by the MOBO. As far as how to hook that up I don't know, I've never used one. I run only ARGB and use a distribution box. The box has an input from the motherboard and 11 "outs" to lights. It also has a SATA power connection I assume to help power devices as you can't put a ton of stuff on the 5V ARGB line. I would contact DEEP COOL and see what they say. Good Luck!

  2. I'm going to assume you meant Commander C35 as I couldn't find a G35. My X570 Crosshair VIII Hero fit ok. It was a bit firm but not really concerning. That said don't expect the front fan lights to sync because the controller board doesn't play nice with Aura Sync. There is a fix where you modify the controller board and it will work or what I did was get two Thermaltake Pure 20 ARGB fans to replace the stock ones.

  3. New "tested before shipping" board did exactly the same. Rather than risk my motherboard to my soldering skills I went the easy albeit more expensive route and ordered 2 Pure 20 fans to replace these with the proprietary connectors. Up side being since they will be connected to a fan header I'll be able to control speed.

  4. I received a whole new kit in the mail today. New Thermaltake board and new Thermaltake board to motherboard wiring. Short answer is no change. Still does exactly as it did before. I have another Thermaltake board coming that is supposed to be tested before shipping but my hopes aren't high. Three bad boards to the same person would be nearly impossible. The one coming would make 4. I really think its a software/controller conflict and no amount of the same parts will ever fix it.

  5. 5 hours ago, GregAMD said:

    You can add me to the list of RBG controller issues too.  My MB is a ASUS Prime TRX40 PRO.  Case is a View 37. 

    Same problem as above.  Thermaltake sent me a new Controller Board and I sourced a new (better) connector cable 

    Long story short... problem remains.   I have tried all of the various combinations.  NONE solve the problem. (new board, new cable) (new board old cable) (old board, old  cable) (old board new cable) I have also tried all three current versions of the AURA software available from the ASUS web site...  Nope.

    Before I ditch these fans I'm off to the electronics store to try and rewire them into a third party controller. 

    Otherwise I love the case and the airflow and thermals on my Threadripper system is VERY GOOD.


    I love the case, cable management and layout is great, thermals are awesome. I didn't raise the temp of my GPU a single degree when I vertical mounted. My only issue is the front case fans. I can live with the fact I can't control the speed because they are quiet and obviously move air well. I can't stand that I cannot make them truly match my other components. The entire issue could be fixed if the fans didn't have proprietary connectors. Let them use normal four pin fan and 3 pin ARGB connectors and maybe throw a splitter cable for each in the box. IMHO Thermaltake makes great cases that function well from a performance standpoint but the ARGB issues makes them difficult to recommend. I have a buddy putting together a build list for his first DIY build ever. He's been looking at Thermaltake cases but I had to tell him either go for the non ARGB or be prepared to replace the fans. I will give kudos to Thermaltake Tech Support. They have been mostly great about answering emails and troubleshooting. I'm going to try a new cable and controller per their request but I think the issue is just plain incompatibility with at least Aura Sync.

  6. Twenty minutes after I posted this I got an email from Thermaltake saying they believe the issue is the controller but to request it be tested before shipping as it will be the second replacement. I filled out RMA. I'll update once I try the new cable and then controller if needed.

  7. I replaced the controller on my Commander C36 a month ago and it didn't change a thing. I have a new controller to motherboard cable on the way. Set to arrive on Monday. I have no idea if that will make a difference but its the only thing left. Exact same problem everyone else is having, case control fine but motherboard control shuts off "fan 2" lights and "fan one" is dim. I know both ARGB headers are good as I have a chassis fan connected to one and a Water 3.0 ARGB connected to the other. Both sync fine. If the cable doesn't work I'm just going to get a couple Cooler Master MF200R ARGB fans. My rear exhaust fan is a Cooler Master MF120R ARGB and it works beautifully. Edit: please excuse the cable management as I haven't worried about it since I seem to be having to undo it all trying to fix the issue.


  8. I just joined to say I'm having the same issue. Commander C36 case with Asus X570 Crosshair Hero VIII. Everything is fine until I turn control over to my motherboard, bottom lights go out and the top is dim. I've been back and forth with tech support and gotten a new controller but it didn't help. I managed to get it to work one time by disconnecting and reconnecting the fans while it was running. After a reboot it no longer worked. Now that I have 2 controllers I'm considering using one for each and a splitter just to try.

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