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  1. Just another update from work over this past weekend, reassembled the case (replacing rivets with screws) so I can add a little grime to it and check on fitting / spacing: I had a broken amp I keep tripping over that's been waiting to go to the tip (when they re-open), but thought I could get creative and incorporate it into the project. I ended up taking it apart and added it's circuit boards to the top: and to the side of the motherboard tray to hide the cabling: Will hopefully have more updates at the weekend (involving the transformer I salvaged from the am
  2. Another update for this week, received a new delivery of parts, which is everything I need now, thanks Scan Computers and Thermaltake UK : Almost done on the painting side of things: Also took a chunk off the motherboard tray and gave it a coat of paint: And cut two plexiglas panels for the top and bottom to be modded (the top needs some more paint...):
  3. Just another quick update, started painting the outer panels, the copper colour is a base coat before adding a coat of gold and then red on top, could still do with a couple more coats of red: Added a bit of grime to the smaller parts of the case which have all been painted (they looked a bit too pristine on reflection): Added DC and Ethernet ports to the HDD access door: Cut the hole for the screen at the back (still needs tidying up and the frame painting): Will get some time at the weekend when I'm hoping to: Finish up on adding grim
  4. Thought I'd just do a quick update of some progress, so far have dismantled the case and started painting. The first is just a quick comparison of the silver with the recently released Xbox Controller, pretty pleased with the result, the back of the HDD cage has had a section cut out which is going to be used for power input for lighting / a raspberry pi: The raspberry pi mounted to one of the HDD slots (this is going to be used to feed a display showing PC stats): And various other pictures of progress, going to aim to finish all the smaller parts this week, then mo
  5. Hi Everybody, I'm Tom from sunny Birmingham, UK. I work as a software engineer / web developer which I've been doing since university and mainly play PC games and run in my spare time. Been building and modding computers since around 15. My first mod was a side window cut-out and blue CCFL tube lighting, was so proud of that at the time (simpler times). Started water cooling at university on an overlclocked Q6600 which kicked out a lot of heat and kept it up ever since. Current PC is an ITX build with a 280mm and 120mm rad which has been a little workhorse / hotbox for the past year.
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