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  1. Sorry to resurrect an old forum post, however I'm having the same problem and have traced it back to the TT RGB Software.

    In my case, when I run powercfg -requests, the TT RGB software seems to be streaming / interacting with the Razer Synapse 3 software and is trying to call/steam audio through that. I've tired using the -requestsoverride function, but have had no results.

    Did either of you two discover a solution?



  2. Hi All,

    I've been lucky enough to get my hands on an ASUS 3090 Strix OC. This beast requires 3 x 8 pin PCIe cables from my Thermaltake 850W gold PSU.

    It is a little messy with the stock cables (which have 2 x 8 Pin connectors per cable). Is there a Thermaltake compatible 24 pin singular cable that would work?


  3. G'day all,

    I'm trying to disable the audio stream that the TT RGB Plus software seems to constantly have open.

    Is there a way to use the software, but disable the audio functions/component or prevent it from streaming audio (or whatever it is trying to do )?

    The reason is that it is preventing my PC from going to sleep. I've managed to trace the problem back to the software through the use of 'powercfg -requests', however the 'powercfg -requetsoverride...' doesn't solve the problem for me.


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