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  1. Hey General,


    Glad the mouse is working right now!  :lol:


    Apologized for the Profile Changing, we might need to wait for a new update for the Profile Change.


    In the meantime, you'll have to continue with this first and we will prepare the update when it's ready!


    Hit us whenever you have questions!  ;)

    HI josh,


    did u know when firmware will be update ? :)

  2. Hey General,


    Sorry for the late reply. We're having our weekend off  ;)


    As for your issue, you have mentioned it worked after you installed the FIRMWARE that I've sent you to previously.


    If it's working after the firmware installation, try not to update to the newest firmware yet. 


    At this moment, use the FIRMWARE that I've sent to you and we will escalate your issue to our Product Management for them to test the newest update for the firmware. They might release a newer/updated version for the firmware  and we will inform you when the update is ready.


    For now, just use the one that I've sent to you  :)


    Keep us updated!



    Hey General,


    As you have installed the "TT ESPORTS SENSOR ON LIFT OFF TOOL V", open the tool and please ensure that you adjust the "Lift Off" option to the "HIGHEST".


    And keep using the firmware that I've sent to you for now, and do not update to the newest version for the firmware.


    Keep us updated if you have any further issue.  ;)


    Hi Josh,


    Yes its worked, but only showed OSD in my monitor, the real profile ( it mean light, DPI, mouse cursor ) not even changed.


    i did as u asked. but still dsnt work. like i was posted. i should be waiting for new update. :)


    becoz i cant play game with one profile,i have a lot of games with different type. 


    thanks for support josh :)

  3. Hey General,


    Try to install this install this firmware : FIRMWARE


    Hope this firmware helps!


    Thanks for supporting us!  ;)

    Hi Josh,


    Thanks for the UPDATE Firmware, its working my bottom button, i can cange my profiles ( OSD showed UP in my monitor  ). 

    Pic :http://imageshack.com/a/img537/4940/Rnplnj.jpg

    Pic 2 :  http://imageshack.com/a/img673/4615/rl7w0f.jpg


    but, still didnt working at all After i update firmware, my mouse stop working, then i read in forum n use "sensor_on_lift_off_tool_v1.0.0.1" 

    i still cant use my mouse until i press profil button. and OSD showed : http://imageshack.com/a/img661/7399/o6wMwv.jpgAnd mouse working normally.


    but after profile "P1" showed UP  i cant cange profil anymore. 


    • i tried reinstal AP from CD ( Many time )
    • I tried reinstal AP v1.3
    • i tried reinstal AP v1.3.1
    • i tried restart PC ( many time )
    • i tried reInstal firmware "tt esports theron firmware update tool v1.2" then instal Firmware from drobox u did upload.

    Thanks josh n team for helping me :) i will be waiting for next updates

  4. Hi General, have been notified by the team that the updated firmware will be available to install by tomorrow. Make sure you have the new update installed and keep us updated!  ;)


    Hi josh,


    I did download and instal new AP 1.3.1 but still only 1 profil i can use.  i was uninstal the older version and instal to the newer version it still didnt work. i did reset default too, but still didnt work, i think i just we just need firmware not AP update. but thanks for trying to help and update :) love u TT Esport.

  5. Hi General,

    Did you download and install the latest AP too?

    THERON AP V1.3


    Thermaltake USA Customer Service

    email: ttsupport@thermaltakeusa.com

    Toll free: 1-800-988-1088 M-F 9:00AM ~ 5:30PM (P.S.T.)

    yes i did sir, i tried 3 times reinstal still have 1 profile, profile 2 - profile 5 its not even working or cant be using, when i klik the button profil, its dsnt cange to profil 2, profile 3, profile 4, profile 5, its only profile 1.

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