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  1. I installed the firmware provided via dropbox, but i regret to inform you that it had no success. After the update my mouse cursor seams to be moving a bit fast but only when i hover with it. I think it has something to do with the sensor and the minimum distance that is set to activate / deactivate.

  2. I will do that after I get home from work and let you know if it fixed the problem.


    I think i restarted my pc 4 or 5 times :)  (not counting the times i turned it off for the night)

    It's not locked. The switch on the bottom side of the mouse is set to unlock.


    I'll inform you as soon as i can, thanks.

  3. Thanks for the effort and your response regarding the issue. 


    You are referring to this? TT ESPORTS THERON_AP V1.3.1?


    First. I don't know if it installed correctly because it has a very strange installer and even after I removed the "old" app from my computer manually (deleting the files and removing the entries from the registry) then installed fresh the new AP v1.3.1 it stilled showed in the top right corner.


    For me it didn't bring any fixes unfortunately. My mouse cursors still doesn't move (only moves barely when i hover the mouse).


    Even if the app installed correctly i don't thing it will resolve anything.

    The problem that i'm facing is caused by updating my mouse's firmware to the latest one, not by changing something in the AP (like colors, profiles or macros).


    I need a firmware update fix / or a way to reset (revert) to the default factory firmware to fix the issue i am having. 


    Ps: perhaps the new app will help General with he's problem (switching between profiles)

  4. Thanks for your enquiries.


    Ok. I will postpone my  trip to the store and wait 1 day and see if things get solved with the new firmware.


    PS: is the AP v1.3 from here really AP v1.3? Because after installing it i see 1.0 in the top right corner just like before. But that's a minor thing. I can live without the AP ...i (*cough) ...we, need the new firmware fix :)

  5. Thanks for the response.


    So... should i wait for the firmware update or should i return the product to the store? Could it take months for an update to be released? From your experience how soon should it take the "Product  Management team" to resolve this "kinda big" issue?

  6. Having the same problem.


    I bought the mouse yesterday, got home, updated the firmware to v1.2 and now my mouse is rendered to just a night light ...a pretty one. I can right & left click but the cursor doesn't move ( it moves just a bit when i hover the mouse).


    Is there a way to revert to the original firmware? Can we flash it? 

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