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    unaflores got a reaction from kaniyoy in How to choose CMS?   
    I work in the field of education and the main task of the site, share your experience, publishing useful articles for students, on the site you can find answers to questions, how to write yourself an essay, examples of essay, how to choose Online Paper Writing Service. The site concept is that the student can find answers to exciting questions on learning in small articles.
    Here is an example of a site https://paperwritingservice.nyc/  that I chose for an example. Can you help determine his CMS? Thanks in advance!
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    unaflores got a reaction from kaniyoy in How to choose CMS?   
    Thanks for the recommendations!
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    unaflores reacted to kaniyoy in How to choose CMS?   
    Good day! I finish the UX / UI courses, and for protection, I will also need to make a site. Our teacher gave us freedom in choosing the theme and CMS site. But he told us that when choosing a design, you can find examples on the Internet, and take the selected site as an example. As for CMS, you can define it from the selected site.
    I can help you determine the site CMS. Do you have sites that can be for you examples?
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