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When she had walked a long way, Bai Zheng was still looking at her back. Yu Chen! She looked back. Bai Zheng wants to say, you go with me, I take you back, OK? But in the end, he smiled. "Nothing. Read your book." " The girl nodded, and the petite figure left his sight step by step. The smile on Bai Zheng's lips also dissipated. He wanted to smoke a cigarette very much, but he threw it away before he came to their school. Bai Zheng turned back. He thought about a lot of things and wanted to transfer to another school. Let's not talk about Mu Mengyi's reaction, but what can he do when he turns around? Stalking, breaking her happy and dull life, and making her nervous? Bai is looking down at his palm. The knuckled fingers are clearly an ####. But this year, he wanted to guard everything, but failed to guard. For the first time, he was so eager to grow up for a girl. Bai Zheng looked back and remembered that Mu yuan was also in this school, and his heart sank. If he doesn't let go, why should he let go. There are too many things to give up from childhood to adulthood, but Yu Chen can't. He wanted to grow into a towering tree in his own way, to shelter her from the sun and rain, not to make her timid now. Bai Zheng called Bai Tiankou, and the other end picked it up almost immediately. General Manager Bai. Bai Zheng said,empty lotion tubes, "can I learn something from you?" Bai Tiankou was stunned for a long time before he realized what Bai was saying. "Of course. When will you be back?" He asked. "Do you see it this week?" Bai Tiankou was not inconvenient. He suspected that he was dreaming. He said hurriedly, "Come and find me. I'll teach you myself." "Thank you, General Manager Bai." Bai Tiankou says: "Smelly boy, said to call father." Bai Zheng smiled and did not change his words after all. From the moment he knew his life experience, he no longer had the face to call Bai Tiankou Dad. Ding Ziyan and Mu yuan sat in the car. Before Lao Fang drove, Ding Ziyan saw Bai Zheng and thought she was wrong. Ding Ziyan ran out of the car and subconsciously ran after her and shouted, "Bai Zheng!" Bai Zheng heard her voice, slightly raised his eyebrows,plastic packaging tube, sneered, looked at Muyuan's car, did not stop, and rode away directly. Ding Ziyan chased a few steps before she felt embarrassed. Thinking of Makihara in the car, she hurried back. Makihara didn't mind her gaffe. He hesitated for a moment: "How could Bai Zheng come to No.3 Middle School?" Speaking of this, Ding Ziyan will be angry. Near the end of school, she heard that there was a great beauty in Class 7 next door, who was from Hengyue. Ding Ziyan had a bad feeling in her heart on the spot, and when she inquired, it was indeed Yu Chen. Hearing the students discussing how beautiful the metaphor was, Ding Ziyan's whole person was not good. When she came to No.3 Middle School, there was no splash. Except for the time when she declared that Muyuan was her boyfriend, she was basically not noticed. Ding Ziyan indignant, how where can not escape the shadow brought by that little ####. She can't compete with Yu Chen in Hengyue, polyfoil tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, and she can't compete with Yu Chen in No.3 Middle School. Thinking that Bai Zheng was so heartless to herself, Ding Ziyan looked at the excellent "boyfriend" beside her and said, "Bai Zheng is probably looking for Yu Chen." Makihara was surprised. I heard she turned around and was in class seven. Ding Ziyan said, "Mu yuan, don't look at her pure appearance.". In fact, she and Heng Yue several boys are not clear, even if this, she also seduced Bai Zheng. Makihara frowned. Ding Ziyan thought that Mu yuan believed his words and made persistent efforts: "Her family is in the disaster area, and it is estimated that she is too poor to get close to Bai Zheng." Mu yuan moved in his heart: "Disaster area?"? Which disaster area? "The place where Aunt Mu asked Bai Zheng to go last time seems to be called Lianshui." Lianshui. Mu yuan raised his eyes, and he finally remembered why he had a familiar feeling when he first saw Yu Chen. He had also been to Lianshui a year ago. At that time, he and the medical team rescued many people, but it was too long ago, and he had volunteered many times. At the beginning of the matter of Bai Qinghe, Mrs. Yi's mental state is not good, in order to let Bai Zheng come back safely, Bai Tiankou quietly let him take the medical team to Lianshui, many people do not know, Mu yuan also buried this matter in his heart. But today, when I first heard Ding Ziyan mention Lianshui, I don't know why, he suddenly remembered that in the ruins, his whole body was dirty and full of wounds, but he had a pair of stubborn and brave eyes. Mu yuan's heart, which had always been calm, actually beat several minutes faster. Could it be her now? Chapter 35 deception. Yu Chen got used to the life in Hengyue, but when he came to the world, he became not used to it. Fortunately, she had a strong adaptability and quickly adjusted the time. Within a week, she had a rough idea of the personalities of her three roommates. Fan Shuqiu is lively but talkative. Yu Qiao looks ordinary, relatively quiet, and is a straight A student. Zhu Yiye has the best family among all the people. I heard that her father is the boss of a small company. Because of his good family and appearance, Zhu Yiye is very arrogant. Fan Shuqiu is inseparable from her. Yu Qiao talks little and does not have a strong sense of existence in the dormitory. Getting along with girls is really a technical job. Yu Chen boasts that her popularity has always been very good, but in the dormitory of No.3 Middle School, it is really difficult for her to fit in for a while. The biggest reason is because Zhu Yiye has a great hostility to her, together with Fan Shuqiu, two people like to speak ill of her together. If Yu Chen has anything, he can only ask Yu Qiao. Yu Qiao likes Yu Chen very much in her heart, but she is afraid of being excluded by the other two roommates, so she only dares to help Yu Chen quietly. Yu Chen also understood Yu Qiao's difficulties, so he would not embarrass her. The relationship in the dormitory was delicate and deadlocked. Until Friday morning, when something big happened. No.3 Middle School has hired cleaners to clean up, and each class needs to clean the assigned construction site. The construction sites of Class 6 and Class 7 were next to each other. Yu Chen and several roommates were assigned to a group and picked up brooms to clean up. Not only the boys in Class 7 were watching Yu Chen quietly, but also the boys in Class 6 were watching her secretly. Zhu Yiye curled his lips and bent down to sweep the floor. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Class Six, and her eyes lit up. Mu yuan was also there,pump tube, and he brought his classmates to clean the construction site. Zhu Yiye has been secretly in love with Mu yuan for a long time. First, it is forbidden to fall in love. Second, he is a male #### after all. Girls dare not say a lot of words. emptycosmetictubes.com

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