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"Lao Niu, don't talk nonsense. I haven't offended you." The famous Kendo Snow wants to cry without tears, this Nima what matter, the pulse all gives the whole to come out. In other words, just strip off his clothes and then touch them. Don't be shy. I believe you. I can help you strip off his clothes. #### Yu said. No, no, no, you don't touch me, I'll take it off myself. Just as #### Yu rolled up his sleeves to start, Lei Jisheng opened his mouth without any love. Chapter 636 unknown fragments. "Don't touch me, I'll do it myself." Cried Reyes weakly, with a final stubbornness in his words. Touch the old man uncomfortable, the old man was touched by a man to touch more uncomfortable, heard #### Yu to give himself forced undress, Reyes are desperate, this is a group of what things. It was better to do it yourself than to be stripped by force, and as he spoke, Rogers reached out and took off his coat. Keep taking it off. "Linglong Meng shouted with shining eyes when he saw that Rogers had really taken off his clothes." One is enough. Reyes said. "I don't believe it," said Linglongmeng. "Take it off quickly. If you don't,white marble slabs, we'll help." "No, no, no, just take off this coat, and you can steal," Reyes said with a hurried wave of his hand. "Is it?" Quanzhen people were curious to use a detection technique on the coat in the hands of Reyes. The four-dimensional robe of Rejas (fashion) Four-dimensional rule: 100% block space magic. Occupation in demand: General. Requirement level: 1. Item introduction: The coat of the Great Magical Teacher Rejas. …… It turns out that stealing belongs to space magic. No wonder. People saw the introduction of the coat, instantly clear. No wonder the theft of Kendo Snow is so much more powerful than theft. It turns out to be the legendary space magic. Space magic is a very rare system,Artificial Marble Slabs, although rare, but every kind of space magic is extremely abnormal, such as the most practical flash, is the most entry-level one in space magic. Although this robe is only a fashion, but this special attribute is very powerful, but now there is very little space magic, so this special attribute at least now can not play a big role. Give it to me Linglong Meng pointed to the robe and said greedily. Hum, "Reyes looked at Linglong Dream disdainfully and turned his hand over to put it back in his bag." Grab it. Linglongmeng cried out and an arrow stopped Rejes. Bao San rushed up beside him and was about to #### him, but #### Yu pawned him back. Don't grab it. #### Yu said with a smile, "The system is set. NPC things will have attributes unless they are given or stolen by themselves. If they are robbed by themselves, there will be no attributes." "Oh?"? In that case, how about we cut off his hand now? Linglong Meng reacted quickly and said. #### it, do you still let me do the task? Ming is depressed. #### Yu shook his head and said a word in the ear of Rejess. Rejess looked startled, Agate Slabs Countertops ,White Marble Mosaic, and then reluctantly handed the robe to #### Yu under the surprised eyes of all the people. No, that's it? What did Uncle Niu say to him? Ji Ao wondered. Others wondered, "It's not a dirty deal, is it?" "Hey, hey." #### Yu smiled and said, "What are you talking about? There is a saying that you beat a snake seven inches. To deal with this kind of NPC, you have to find the right point. I just told him that if he didn't give it to me, I would strip him naked and drag him to the square, and he would give it to me obediently." People: "… …" As a prophet, Rejas is naturally highly respected among the Atlanteans, and being stripped naked and thrown into the square is definitely more painful for him than killing him. Old cow, you are not what you were when we first met you. Everyone sighed with emotion that #### Yu was so honest at that time that he could do such a thing now. Everyone teaches well. #### Yu is modest. Then you can directly threaten him to hand over the task items. Quanzhen people deserve to be old hooligans, do things more than #### Yu, see Rejes so to save face, can not help but ask. When Rejes heard this, his beard tilted in anger and his head crossed. "Well, then you can strip me naked.". ” This old man is also a stubborn person, clothes and face are easy to choose, but in the face of national righteousness, face is not so important, this spirit is really admirable. Seeing that the threat was useless, Quanzhen people would not really throw a NPC out naked, so they gave up the idea. After Regis took off his clothes, there was no hindrance, and the stealing technique of the famous Kendo Snow finally worked this time. After touching it only three times, he was prompted to steal successfully. Then a small square the size of a yellow Rubik's cube fell into the hands of the famous Kendo Snow. Unknown Fragment 5 (Special Item) Item description: The secret of Atlanta is hidden. ####, why is this thing again? I quit! The famous Kendo Snow grabbed the small square in his hand and looked depressed. Because of Atlanta's key to run a trip in vain, Quanzhen people are now quite not interested in these cheating decryption props, which endure nausea and touch for a long time to feel out such a thing, the famous Kendo Snow on the spot. Don't worry, don't worry, slowly touch, the next time may touch out, BOSS do not have to touch several times? You just touch the BOSS. The crowd hurriedly dissuaded him, fearing that the famous Kendo Snow would quit. After all, touching a bad old man's chest is not a good job. I will never open BOSS again in the future! Ming Jian Dao Xue Nu. The same is to touch BOSS, men and women have a difference in feel, let alone dead and alive? "If you don't touch it, I'll strip you naked and let Xiao Meng touch you." Said Chunxiang threateningly. With pleasure. Meng Linglong is ready to move. Are you still human? Looking at a group of teammates who were inferior to cattle, the famous Kendo Snow wanted to cry without tears, so he had to continue to touch Rejess. At this time, Rejess's face was full of life without love. They looked at each other and felt that they were the same as the fallen people in the world. Under the supervision of the crowd,Silver Travertine Slabs, the famous Kendo Snow stole one by one and touched the body of Rejes. In half an hour, the famous Kendo Snow almost vomited, but only five "unknown fragments" came out. forustone.com

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