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  1. I did look at the Audioengines, but I wanted to add a sub, and it was getting out of my price range. The sub on the Corsairs is adjustable with a control you can keep on your desk, it can do everything from rattle the entire room to absolutely nothing, plus it fits under my desk, so it's not in the way.
  2. It was a toss up between the Klipsch Pro Media 2.1, the Bose Companion 5, and the Corsair SP2500. The Corsairs I believe are going EOL. The Klipsch are great, but sub can sound muddy, drivers are smaller than the Corsairs, and can get distorted at higher volumes. The Bose, ####, they negate whatever sound card you have in your system, even if it's onboard sound like mine, so I call up a Bose store, and ask for the specifications of "their" sound card built into the set, they have no idea and have me call corporate. I call Bose corporate office, and THEY don't know. They don't know the specs of their own built in sound card!! That was a deal breaker for me right there. If you're going to over ride spec in my custom built PC, and not tell me what you're replacing it with....yeah, good luck with that. NO ONE online has stock of the Corsairs SP2500's, but a Microcenter near me happened to have them, so after reading a lot of reviews, I decided to go with them. Bigger drivers, guaranteed wattage, and a two year warranty. Been working on finding that "sweet spot" setup last night with them, I'm very impressed, still needs some tweaking, especially in the mid and a little in the high range, but I'll get there. Amazing sound, no distortion at higher levels, I'm sure my neighbors know I got a new set. :D
  3. I have a pair of old 2.1 speakers that are starting to fail on me. I'm looking at another set, that are very hard to find and might be going on EOL (End of Life). A store near me has them in stock, and they are made from a reputable company, and all the reviews on them are fantastic. Even with the EOL I'm sure they would honor the 2 year warranty. Think it's worth the risk for an EOL product?
  4. Should work on changing that. Any word on those wrist rests too? Been looking for one of those for over a month.
  5. http://www.ttesports.com/productlist.aspx?c=7 Especially the t-shirts and hoodies. I'm in the United States, and none of the retailers listed carry these items. Are they even made any longer?
  6. Monitor your PC temps, volts, fan speeds, etc, from your phone while away from your PC. How awesome is that? http://www.aida64.com/news/aida64-v500-released
  7. http://www.ttesports.com/Mouse/69/LEVEL_10_M_Blazing_Red/productPage.htm?a=a&g=ftr#.VJLfOHsmuBM Links are at the bottom of this page, I'd use version 1.2.
  8. I have the same case, but I'm not taking my side panel off to take a picture because it'll expose the absolute wire spaghetti mess a have between it and the MB, so I pulled a pic from the internet. The bays are all powered by one power cable, see included pic. Your power supply should of come with a cable you can connect to the end of the cable that is connected to the array.
  9. Currently I'm running one, but changing to two next year, three doesn't seem like it's worth it due to the minor bump you get for the money when adding a third card (no offence). Plus my MB can only handle two in SLI, three if I went Tri-Fire, but I'll probably stick with the nVidia chipsets.
  10. Holy crap, this is one #### of a mouse pad, no wonder it cost what it does, ####! Using two monitors and barely have to slide half the width of the pad at 800 DPI to cover both screens. I am going to have to glue these cornners on though. Tri-monitors will be a breeze with this baby!
  11. Finally ordered this from Amazon, of course it arrived this morning at 7:00 AM, right as I was leaving for work.
  12. Newegg.com or FrozenCPU.com. I would check with the manufacturer of your power supply first.
  13. I would be an absolute mess, I guess you could drain it like you would a regular fishtank, and have a lot of towels ready.
  14. Yeah I did see that! I really don't know what I'd use it for, I just want to do it because I know I can.
  15. I'm a full size ATX guy, but, I'm considering doing a mineral oil PC, and I'd use a smaller one for that.
  16. Anyone with an Origin account, they are giving away SimCity 2000 for fee (regulary only $5.99). So, anyone into the old school OFFLINE MODE of Sim City should go grab it!!
  17. Adjustable speed, LED fans, that's the only reason the Luna series isn't in my case.
  18. Thanks Mike, sent it out today, you guys are awesome! Did it over the phone, you didn't have an option for the messenger bag in the RMA screen, so it's listed as the battle bag with a note for Messenger bag replacement.
  19. Oh Andy not me, if I had the money I would build all day every day, all the styles, combinations, and things you can do, themes, etc. oh, would be paradise.
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