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  1. going from low to high made it move faster but still have to have the mouse a tad off the desk to even move. cleaned off the mouse lazer with a q tip and tried other computers and still same way. firmware is on the mouse itself right?  so the only solution would be to get a different firmware which i don't know where to find :-( 

  2. do you guys have a guide on re-flashing? mo-trn006dt is the model the firmware updater says no need to update, so there must be a different tool?


    EDIT: the firmware that it came with it worked great, i was dumb and updated everything :-( if re-flashing the update doesnt work, is there a way to go back to the first firmware?

  3. Just received my gaming mouse from amazon and i was very excited to get a high end mouse. i hooked it up and went online to get the up to date drivers and everything was fine until i updated firmware and now my mouse won't move unless it's about half an inch off my desk AND it is super slow and jittery (could be jittery because it's in my hand half an inch off the ground but i hold it still and it jitters across screen) It seems like the mouse is locked, but i switched the button on the bottom to unlocked. any ideas?? EVERYTHING worked fine until firmware update :-(


    EDIT: Tried it on different computers, same way. It needs to be like half an inch off the surface to move. It wasnt like that before the firmware update. :-( do i have to RMA it or is there a way to fix the firmware as the mouse still works it just doesnt move unless it's a tad off the surface. Can't they force a "working" firmware update?

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