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    Hello, I just got my first Core x2 case. I am attempting to setup my WC but I have questions that are not found in the documentation or otherwise. Helpful things I would like to know.. For starters I will be using 260mm rad on top with 180mm base - but i dont know which thickness to use for this rad. I want to make sure I buy the right one. Also the second rad is 360mm on left side with 120 mm based fans and I too need to know what is the best thickness for the rad. If anyone has any helpful info about this.. I would be most grateful. I will be water cooling the CPU, RAM, GPU, and motherboard.


     Also a side question. What would be the preferred size of the hard tube size, i was thinking 1/2 in diameter. Also what pump and how many reservoirs would work best as I do want to disperse the cooling among both rads/




     I guess to better consolidate my questions. What is the maximum thickness of all the rad layouts for the core x2. This is not listed any where that I can tell. 



    Any thickness will work it depends on what you do after that.I had a xspc 360 with just push fans but there was plenty of room for pull also. but i moved to a core x9 for more room. You need to check the rads to see what fans they need and so on


    Is this your first WC loop?



    Many differnt questions. I think the best think is you are familiarize with watercooling, than you would see that many question could be answered yourself.



    For example I have two radiators (45mm thick), a waterpump and one reservoir in my core x2 for cooling the cpu and gpu. The system in my configuration is still quiet.

  2. Hello Mattmax,


    At the moment there are no plans for this panel.


    I will take the feedback to our team.


    Anyone else looking for half side panels for any Core X series?

    Thanks, I think a few people would like to have the half window side panel....

    The question is how many of the core X2 cases has thermaltake offer and why is there a half window side panel (hwsp) for the core x9 community and not for the coe x2 community?

    The next thing is, that it must be easy to downsize the panel, because thermaltake is the manufactor of the core cases and you designed a core x9 hwsp.

    I would have one! And the hwsp make sense, for all the people that would have a radiator or air cooling in the side.

  3. For the Core X9 there is a half window side panel avaible. This looks good and make sense if you install a radiator of fans in the bottom part.

    So the question is if TT plans to have this kind of side panel for the TT core X2 case too? Are there any planings for the future or do the core X2 members help thereself to have a half window side panel?

  4. Hey guys,


    I am fixing you guys a internal measurement graph on the x series,

    please refer to the Core X series discussion thread, hope it will help on clarify your concern and builds.


    Core X9 is currently ready...still working on the X2 & X1, it should be available soon.


    Did you finished it?

    And where are they available or are they to find under "Workable Dimension for Planning Your Build" in this thread : http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/1092-core-x-series/page-1

  5. Regarding to your question:

    It is possible to fit a 240mm rad in front of a 140mm PSU next to a 360mm rad.


    for more details you can refer to the first post, under "Workable Dimension for Planning Your Build:"

    you should get most of the dimension on the Core X2.


    is it possible to have two 360 radiator in the top (with fans) and also to use the 5,25 slots?

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